Would Like To Wear // Leather Skirt


Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 09.31.19

Affiliate: Hang In There T-ShirtStella McCartney Fallabella Crossover BagConverse All StarLeather Look Skirt

Hi guys, I’m getting ready to move my stuff into a new temporary place, until I find my new home. It’s quite stress full as you can imagine and even though I don’t really need anymore clothes I love surfing around the world wide web for more items. This is the perfect look which I would love to wear everyday. I would prefer wearing in on the hottest day, with my bare legs but I would definitely also rock it in Autumn with a pair of tights and a cool jacket.

I already own the shoes, but how cool is the shirt and skirt?


Friday Gratefulness // 2


I’ve earlier written about not just appreciating big events but also the little things. Therefor every Friday I’ll be posting one or more things that I’m grateful for the following week. This I believe is the way forward to a happier every day.

You can re-read
Friday Gratefulness // 1 here

“It just sounds really lovely with your family. It’s so unbelievably lucky, that you all have each other even though you don’t see each other every day” a friend said over a pint the other day. And I couldn’t do anything but agree with her. To think that we are four siblings, two sets of parents and even more grandparents, that all agree on that we are each other’s favourite. That we can, as we say in Denmark, “hygge”, no matter if we’re just a few or all of us together. Each year in March we all skip in and rent a massive house where we just hang out and enjoy each others company.

This she said after we had talked about what my plans were in September and I told her, I’m going home to see my family. So well known that in September I have a massive family gathering, I’m comfortable and extremely grateful leaning back on the sofa with my Soy Latte, that I’m also grateful for.

Are you guys family orianted? And what are you grateful for this week?

Friday Gratefulness // 1


I’ve earlier written about not just appreciating big events but also the little things. Therefor every Friday from this day onward I’ll be posting one or more things that I’m grateful for the following week. This I believe is the way forward to a happier every day.

This week I’m particular grateful for my crazy, beautiful and cool friends. They’re doing a great job, just being them self. They’re great at taking care of me and vice versa and I think we all suit each other quite perfectly!

What are you guys grateful for ?


Outfit // Greek Christening


Affiliate! Of shoulder Skater Dress – Heels H&M (Similar)


I could easily have taken another week in gorgeous Greece, but I’m not back – tanner and more energize than I’ve been since what feels like forever.

Above is the outfit I wore at the christening, which was very different from what I know, but I guess it’s traditional Greek. I’m happy I got to attend a Greek christening and Baby Margieta was the cutest little girl.

Things I Can’t Do

Hey, everyone got something they can’t do. You’re not alone, so I thought I would share some of the things that I can’t do, with you. The list could go on, so I’ve decided to post a few things. What can’t you do or can you do some of the things I can’t? 


  1. I can’t say the word “Certificate” nor in Danish. I can’t pronounce Three or tree, they both sound the same. And apparently pronouncing a word beginning with w is difficult too.
  2. I can’t dance and I feel so uncomfortable and awkward on a dance floor. I can’t even follow a choreography. My mum always told me “Look Sara, you don’t own a rhythm in your body, so you should probably not become a dancer” – she mean it in the best way possible. So on a night out you would probably find me by the bar.
  3. Wear white clothing. I do try and I do buy white clothes, but straight after I put the item on, I spill coffee, juice, wine or something else that’s impossible to get off.
  4. Walk with out falling over. I’m such a clumps and I even tried stumbling over a leaf once. I know 😉
  5. I can’t wink. If I do wink, I look like I’m having a stroke. Nor can I whistle, believe me I’ve practiced for hours and the only thing that comes out of my mouth is air.
  6. Find my way around. I would probably get lost in my own pocket without trying. Despite following a sat-nav I’ll still get lost.
  7. I can’t remember more than two or three sentences in a song. Well I mean I think I can, but my boyfriend always say I sing something similar but not quite the words.

Have a lovely weekend xx

Would Love To Wear // Heeled boots


Affiliate! Leather Look ShortsBasic White Tee Denim JacketHeeled BootsYSL Bag

I’ve shown you healed leather boots quite often, but I do think they’re a necessity in any girls wardrobe, even if you’re quite tall like me and don’t need that extra height. It just does something to any outfit. These boots are especially cool because of the gold look detail on the heel. I would wear this outfit any day!

What do you think is essential for any wardrobe?