Motivational Monday

Inspiration time!
Some of you might have seen my latest Instagram post, if not – you can have a look here!

I am a firm believer of, you can accomplish what you want, as long as you have the mindset and a will to actually go and do what it takes to get you where you want to be. You can only go in one direction and that’s forward, so don’t look back. Don’t you rather wanne say I did and failed than thinking what if? I know I do. That’s why I wanna tell you that  I have previously started my own business and I failed. There you go.. I don’t feel ashamed or any less incourage with keep going – because I do still believe that I will end up exactly where I belong, be it the short straight way or the long and curvy one filled with obstacles. I realised while working on my former business that what my business was about wasn’t for me and it wasn’t who I wanted people to see me as. It’s alright to fail because only that way you’ll not exactly what won’t work and be one step closer to what will actually work.  I don’t give up and I’m sure I’ll get to be where I wanna be – I beleive that you will do to. So don’t give up, you wont know how far you’ve come or how far you still have to go, but trust yourself and believe that, what ever it is, will happen. Whether it being you nailing your exam, building your business etc it will happen as long as you’re willing to work for it and don’t give up.


If your mindset is right you’ll get there, because where there’s a will there’s a way. I saw Boohoos post the other day(the first picture) and I felt so inspired.. Just because you’re already in your mid-twenties doesn’t mean you won’t success. Don’t be afraid to fail, go for it. You won’t success if you don’t try! Good luck 🙂

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”-  Winston Churchill

That’s why I HAVE TO recommend YouHaveToTryBlog, who’s created by Bobby, a lovely guy in his mid-twenties who’s working his as* off to get him where he want’s to be. Not only does his posts inspire you to keep going, he also introduce you to new start-ups and feature them on his blog. Furthermore he and his business partner created the best nightlife App on the market, which will tell you what’s on near you. My Club Connect provides you with the most complete, comprehensive guide to clubbing in London. Go check it out for yourself on and download the app today!

Like success, failure is many things to many people. With Positive Mental Attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order and prepare to try again.” – W. Clement Stone

Inspirations tid!
Jeg er en af dem, der tror på at hvis du virkelig sætter dig noget for hovedet, så kan du også. Det kræver at du har det rette mindset samt vil gøre præcis hvad der skal til for at du når dit mål. Det kan kun gå en vej og det er frem, ikke kig tilbage. Vil du ikke hellere tænke jeg forsøgte men fejlede eller jeg gjorde det! End at tænke, hvad nu hvis.Det ved jeg i hvert fald at jeg ville. Det er menneskeligt at fejle og jeg menere at det er den eneste måde du hele tiden lære nyt på. Ved at lære af dine fejl. Det er også derfor at jeg ikke har noget imod at fortælle jer, at jeg tidligere har startet mit eget firma og fejlede. Jeg er ikke flov over det og har på ingen måde mistet modet, for jeg ved at jeg nok skal nå der til. Om det så skal være den korte lige vej eller den lange snorlige vej, fyldt med forhindringer. Jeg indså i mit tidligere firma, at det ikke var et projekt jeg ville stå for og at det ikke var sådan jeg ønskede folk skulle se mig som.Det er menneskeligt og helt okay at fejle, fordi kun på den måde vil du vide lige præcis, hvad der ikke vil virke samt vil du være et skridt tættere på at vide hvad der vil virke på din vej til success. Så giv ikke op, du ved ikke hvor lang på din vej til success du er, hvis du giver op kan det være at vejen er lige rundt om hjørnet. Stol på din intuition, tro på dig selv og på at dit projekt vil lykkedes. Om det er en eksamen du bare gerne vil naile, starte et firma eller noget helt tredje, tro på det, hold hovedet højt, arbejd for det og gå så ud og udlev din drøm! Du vil ikke have success hvis du ikke prøver!

Held og lykke 🙂

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Series Sunday #1

Hi Everyone!
On Sundays you won’t need any excuse to just stay in bed and binge watch Series all day long. But if you tend to do this, you might start running out of series to watch. So I thought that maybe I could tell you about a few series I watched. It’s no secret that I’m a massive horror fan but I can also watch other genres. Look at what I like to watch underneath and feel free to comment with other series that’s worth a watch.

The Walking Dead:

Fan of Zombies, affairs, war and love ? The Walking Dead has it all and will keep you on the tip of your chair in the whole duration of this show with surprising plots and dramatic scenes. Most of you have probably already heard about this show and if you haven’t started watching yet, you definitely should give it a go. Surprisingly enough you’ll get used to flesh eating zombies and instead you can let you immerse into what the series is really about: survival and new enemies. You get to know each character and quickly get yourself a favorite. If you are not into drooling zombies and if you hate when your favorite characters get eaten by the walking dead, you may not want to watch this show …

Er du fan af zombier, affære, kærlighed og krig? Så er The Walking Dead lige noget for dig. Serien har det hele og du vil sidde helt ude på spidsen af din stol hele vejen igennem hvert afsnit. Showet har både overraskende plots, blodig dramatiske scener og kærlighed. De fleste af jer, har jo sikkert allerede hørt til denne serie men hvis ikke, er den helt sikkert værd at se. Du vil overraskende nok vænne dig til de kødædende zombies og istedet kan du koncentrere dig om, hvad serien i virkeligheden handler om. Hvem overlever og hvem er den næste fjende? Men hvis du ikke er til zombies og ikke kan lide når din ynglings person dør, er denne serie nok ikke noget for dig. 

New Girl:

The extrovert, but rather awkward, Jess moves into an apartment with three guys –  Nick, Schmidt and Winston. The four faltmates quickly become close friends despite their rather large differences.The series is loving and fun and you quickly get addicted, so you might binge-watch which is alright as each episode is approximately 25-30 minutes long.

Den udadvendt men til tider ret akavede Jess flytter in i en lejlighed, med de tre fyre – Nick, Scmidt og Winston. På trods af deres meget storre forskelligheder, bliver de fire flatmates ret hurtigt tætte venner. Serien er omsorgsfuld og sjov og du bliver lynhurtigt afhængig, men det gør ikke så meget at du binge watcher serien, for hvert afsnit varer ca. 25-30 minutter.  


The series Suits is about the small scale criminal Mike Ross, who in a quite entertaining event lands a job as a lawyer in one of the largest law firms in New York City. Here he works with the legendary lawyer, Harvey Spector, on winning cases and to keep it hidden from everyone that Mike’s actually not a lawyer.

Suits handler om den halvkriminelle Mike Ross, som under nogle sjove omstændigheder for landet sig selv et job, i en af de største Advokat firmaet i New York City. Her samarbejder han med den kendte og dygtige advokat Harvey Spector, om at vinde deres sager og samtidigt sørge for at hemmeligholde for alle andre, at Mike rent faktisk ikke er uddannet advokat. 

Pretty Little Liars: 

I love following the violent and dramatic everyday life of the small town teenagers, Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily who’s clique falls a part after their best friend Alison is allegedly murdered. A villain named A, mysterious neighbors and buried alive prom queens may sound cliche, but the series is both exciting, entertaining and at times quite creepy.

Det skal ikke være nogen hemmelighed at jeg elsker at følge den dramatiske og til tider voldelige hverdag i den lille by, hvor de fire piger, Aria, Spencer, Hannah og Emily bor. Deres klike opbrydes efter mordet på deres bedste veninde Alison. En skurk ved navn A, som truer pigerne, mystiske naboer og galla dronninger der begraves levende, lyder måske lidt som en kliché, men jeg lover dig både spænding, underholdning og til tider skræmmende scener.

xxx Sara – Nofashionicon

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10 Dresses under £25

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Contains affiliate links/indeholder reklame i form af affiliate links

1. Asos A-line dress £22 – 2. Asos Skaterdress £22 – 3. Asos Bodycon Dress £11 – 4. Boohoo Pyjama Satin Dress £22 – 5. Le Kilt for Asos £22.5 – 6. Noise May High Neck Dress £15 – 7. Asos Denim Pinafore Dress £218. Asos skater dress w. open back £259. Boohoo Ruffle Back Dress £810. Asos Shirt Dress £22.5


Just a quick hi. I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. I’ll be a work when this is post. I’ve found 10 chick dresses from £25 and under. All perfect for any occasion, whether it be work or an event because of the many ways ot accessorize.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


Bare et hurtigt lille hej. Jeg håber at i nyder jeres lørdag og forhåbentlig ikke er på arbejde, som jeg er når dette postes. Jeg har fundet 10 billige kjoler til under 250 DKK som er perfekt til alle lejligheder og har flere forskellige styling muligheder.

Ha’ en dejlig weekend 🙂

xxx Sara – Nofashionicon

New in #1 + Sale Alert!



Cami Dress £12,5 – Lace Smock Dress With Choker Detail £9

Hi you Guys!

Just wanted to show you my newest buys. I bought the Cami Dress for my holiday last week in Spain, it was perfectly light and comftable in the hot weather. Both dresses I would style with ankle boots, a leather jacket and a necklase this Autumn- casual but chick. I would probably add a fedora hat in the mix for the Smock dress. I’ll try and upload some outfit pictures soon.

I also wanted to tell you about the massive sale going on at Asos right now, where you can save up to 70%. A few of you might already know that Asos pretty often have a sale – but this time, there’s a lot of good items on bid – check it out here!

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Hej Guys,

Lige et hurtigt hej. Jeg ville vise jer mine to seneste køb. Den sorte Cami er perfect til sommer, men kan også nemt styles her i efteråret med sorte strømebukser, ankel støvler og en lædderjakke. Jeg ville også tilføje en sort fedora hat til Choker kjolen. Jeg vil forsøge at uploade nogle outfit post med kjolerne snarest.

De fleste af jer er sikkert også klar over, at Asos har tit kører udsalg men i øjeblikket har de et kæmpe udsalg hvor der er op til 70% at spare. Der mange fine ting udbudt i udsalget denne gang, så det er helt sikkert et besøg hver. I kan tjekke det ud her!
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xxx Sara – Nofashionicon.


Barbas & Zacari watces + Discount Code

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I thought I would start my Blog up with a Discount Code, so when Barbas & Zacari asked whether I would like to collaborate with them, I couldn’t resist. I mean look at these watches!  I saw it as the perfect opportunity to share a discount code with you guys to welcome you to my virtual diary.

I’m absolutely in love with especially this watch, it’s just so classic and elegant and can be styled with so many different jewelry and outfits – limited only by your imagination.

Barbas & Zacari offers several different styles – you can check out their webshop here. I’m sure you’ll find just the watch for you or your friends, family etc. and it is truly the best Christmas present for your loved once. Their and your time is valuable. If you do find the perfect watch, you can get 15% off and free shipping by using the code “SARASKYTTEGAARD” at check out. Barbas & Zacari donates 5$ from every sale to Aus Cancer Research, which makes a massive difference in the battle against the terrible decease.

Jeg tænkte at jeg ville benytte lejligheden til at starte min blog op med en rabat kode til jer. Barbas & Sacari har spurgt om jeg ville indgå i et samarbejde med dem og det tænkte jeg, at var noget jeg ikke kunne takke nej til.
Barbas & Zacari har så mange flotte ure og jeg er simpelthen faldet for dette ur i Rose. Det er simpelthen så flot og kan styles til flere forskellige lejligheder og til adskillige outfits samt smykker – kun din fantasi vil sætte grænser for de forskellige styling myligheder.  Det samme gør sig i øvrigt gældene for deres andre ure, som i kan se på deres hjemmeside Urene fra Barbas & Zacari er virkelig den bedste julegave og I får 15%på jeres køb samt fri fragt ved brug af rabatkoden “SARASKYTTEGAARD” ved check out. Desuden går 5$ fra hvert køb til Cancer Research, som gør en kæmpe forskel i kampen mod kræft.

xxx Sara – NoFashionIcon

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Welcome! :)

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Bricklane streetart. Photo credit @louisetorp_

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by my virtual universe.

Firstly, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I’m Sara, 23 years old. I’m originally from Denmark but been living in London for the past 4 years. I’m a sucker for bad movies and Like most other Danish people I love my liquorish, remoulade, massive scarfs and black clothing (I mean no offense) – but I reckon I’m also a lot more than that, which I hope to show you with my blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and following my blog. I’m nowhere near being an author, but I’ll spend time posting pictures and I’ll share my thoughts on fashion, and what inspires me, tasty – but also good looking food and recipes, my travels and much much more.

Hej allesammen og tusinde tak fordi i har taget vejen forbi mit lille online univers.

Jeg vil gerne starte ud med at fortælle hvem jeg er. Jeg er Sara, en 23 årig dansk pige der på 4. år er bosiddende i London. Jeg er en sucker for dårlige gyser film og som de fleste danskere har jeg en forkærlighed for lakrids, remoulade, store halstørklæder og sort tøj –(jeg ønsker ikke at fornærme nogen med dette 🙂 ) – men jeg mener også jeg er meget mere end dette og det er det jeg håber at kunne f frem her på min blog.

Jeg er ingen forfatter og derfor vil min blog være fyldt med billeder, men det vil også være her jeg vil dele min tanker omkring mode, min livstil, hvad der inspirerer mig samt opskrifter og anbefalinger på virkelig lækkert og pænt mad, mine rejser og meget meget mere. Jeg håber i ønsker at følge med her på min blog.

xxx Sara – NoFashionIcon