Series Sunday #3

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Happy Sunday. I hope your weekend has been brilliant ? As you know I like to think that Sundays are for binge watching series all day long and chilling. But I recently started my half marathon training (if not read or re-read it here), so there wont be any of that for me this Sunday! No skipping even on your Birthday, yaas it’s my Birthday!


so here’s what I would watch if I weren’t training. Oh okay, who am I kidding, I might watch a little afterwards. That’s alright isn’t it ? ūüôā

Grey’s Anatomy:

13 seasons and still going strong. I might be a little late with talking about this show, but I only recently started watching it, so if you start watching it now you might be able to keep up with me(I’ve only started season 3). I like it so far, but I do tend to like all medical series. The series follow 5 interns starting their careers at Seattle Grace Hospital.

American Horror Story:

I do wanna warn you that some episodes and seasons of this show is quite weird and some of it might be a little scary. There’s 5 seasons out on UK Netflix so far, so if you haven’t watched it yet, you have a lot to come. Each season takes place at different haunted places, with each it’s own story and best of all, most of the cast members are the same in each season. Fx. the very talented Jessica¬†Lange. Season 1 is about a Murder House, where you follow a family and their neighbours and the other creatures that lives in the house. The family is not aware of the house being a murder house. Season 2 takes place at an insane asylum and you meet the staff and the patients in¬†the asylum. In season 3 you meet the witches at the¬†Miss Robichaux’s Academy in New Orleans, which is a which coven for young and talented withces. Here you follow the drama in the power battle of becoming the head witch at the coven. Freak show is the name of the fourth season – this season personally took me while to get. This season takes place in a farmers field where the freak show director sets up her show tent. Some of the acts in the freak show is among other a set of Siamese twins, ¬†Ethel Darling, the bearded lady and her son Jimmy, the Lobster Boy. As you can imagine the community is not happy about a freak show being set up in there area. I only just started watching season 5, but so far I’m pretty impressed. This season takes part in a haunted hotel. And ¬†in this season Lady Gaga acts side by side with Matt Bomer and the other cast members.



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