Tuesday Tip // 2

If you haven’t tried Danish pastries, from a Danish bakery you’re missing out. From Truffle Balls to Ryebread to Strawberry Tarts.. You name it. But you’re in luck, because Ole&SteenUK just opened in London, and you can indulge in all sort of tasty treats! The staff is friendly and the kettle is always on, so you can easily sneak in and hide from the winter winds and warm yourself up and chat over a coup-a.


Instead of a night out, the girls and I decided to sneak in for cheeky cake in the nice locals on 56 Haymarket. Last time, just after the opening, I went for the Truffle Balls which were absolutely amazing. This time I decided to try out the Strawberry Tart, which was like eating a piece of heaven. The Strawberries was sweet an savory and the vanilla cream light.

They also serves brunches which I definitely need to try.

Bon appétit! 🙂


Wishlist Wednesday # 6

1. ASOS Bikini Top and Bottom£18 + £16 – 2. ASOS 2-pack Earrings£8 – 3. ASOS Jumper w. Open Back£28 – 4. ASOS Denim Skirt£25 – Boohoo Boots £20 – Can contain affiliate links/kan indeholde affiliate.

I’m dreaming of sun and cocktails on beaches, when doing that I wouldn’t mind wearing this dreamy bikini while getting my tan on. Am I the only one needing the summer to come soon? While the weather is the grey and rainy would like to stay warm in this outfit. I think all the items play together quite perfectly. Who knows I might end up in it, one day soon 🙂


Jeg drømmer mig væk til sol og cocktails på stranden iført denne bikini, mens jeg bliver dejlig solbrun. Er jeg den eneste der har brug for at sommeren ikke er alt for langt væk? I mens vejret er så gråt og regnfuld kunne jeg godt se mig selv holde varmen i dette outfit. Jeg synes at alle items spiller så godt sammen og hvem ved.. Måske ender jeg op i selv samme outfit snart 🙂



17 things I want to improve in 2017

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As I mentioned in a earlier post, I’m not massively thrilled about the saying: “New year, new me”. Why change something that’s not broken and has so many good things? In stead I wanna say “New year, better me” . I’ll make some positive changes and be the best me I can be, because a new me wouldn’t be me, would it? Therefore I thought I would share 17 things I will improve this year, here on the 17th day of 2017. Because if you really wanna do something you have to go for it!

  • Be more confident and believe in yourself.
  • Stop worrying so much. Especially about things that’s out of your control. Be happy. Smile! What’s not to be happy about? 🙂
  • Get up earlier, eat breakfast and make some me time before work.
  • Get fit and eat clean and healthy. Be nicer to my body and don’t poison it with junk all the time. Threat yourself once in a while though.
  • Cook food every day/every other day. Don’t let food go to waste.
  • Go on more holidays and visit home more often. This year I’m planing a trip to Skopelos/Mamma Mia Island, hopefully Iceland and a few weekend breakaways – not sure where to yet, but Rome, Paris and Stockholm is definitely some of the cities on my bucket list.
  • Try something new -in my wardrobe, food wise.
  • Stop drinking alcohol, or at least drink less. Drink more water as an alternative.
  • Stop messing up your room – I hate mess, but somehow that doesn’t show.
  • Stop impulse shopping.
  • Read at least 5 books this year. Not sure which ones, but definitely Papmaché-reglen by Hella Joof. Any suggestions ?
  • Blog more, but write content that makes sense.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and do stuff you never thought you would do. Do something that scares you.
  • Save money, fx. don’t buy coffee at the cafe when you can make it yourself.
  • Walk more. Why not when you can. Stop taking the tube.This one goes perfect with the saving money point as well.
  • Don’t use my phone so much, live in the moment instead of looking at a screen.
  • Learn something new.


Current Mood


Am I the only one getting more and more tired of this greyness and damn weather? I’m really sick at it at the moment so I’m dreaming of places like this..

Er jeg den eneste der er træt af denne grå periode med dårligt vejr? Jeg er ved at være godt og gryndig træt af det, så i stedet drømmer jeg mig til steder som her.

scr. Pinterest

Outfit // Black on Black..









What I’m wearing. *Knee-high Boots – Boohoo * Leggings – Zara * Top – Cos (similar) *Kimono (Vintage) – Allison (similar)/(similar) * Chooker – ASOS * Nailpolish – Essie

Oh I had an off day yesterday, no make-up, no energy, no nothing. I literally just crawled out of bed to get to work. I can’t wait for warmer days and summer! – these days luckily don’t happen very often, so you’ll probably not see anymore pictures of me with no make-up and bedhair. Well I actually thought long and hard about even posting these pictures, but I like that it’s not perfect and I think it makes it all a lot more personal – I hope you like the more personal blog posts? Anyhow when I have one of those days I tend to stick to one of two outfits. This is option one and you’ll probably not be surprised when I tell you, they’re both completely black.  Option two is a bit more girly, which you might get to see one day 🙂 Well.. to be fair I can’t tell you I never wear dark outfits nor can I tell you I don’t wear colorful ones, I like to mix it up depending on my mood.

sometimes I just go off on a ramble, bear with me :p

I absolutely love the detail one the back of my knee-high boots and they’re a complete bargain if you ask me. They’re so comfortable to wear and warm, which is a plus in this weather. I even wore them outside in the snow yesterday. Were you lucky enough to be inside? My kimono is a lot older than me, probably nearly 30 years old and is a treasure I found in my mums closet. It quickly become one of my favorite items in my wardrobe, as it can be styled with anything. I love going scavenging in my mums closet because she never throws away any item.

Might contain affiliate/kan indeholde affiliate.


 Åh jeg havde lidt af en off dag i går. Intet make-up, ingen energi, intet noget som helst. Jeg kravlede bogstaveligt talt ud af sengen, for at komme på arbejde. Jeg kan vitterligt ikke vente til det bliver sol og sommer! – Disse energiløse dage forekommer heldigvis ikke særligt ofte, så i slipper nok for at se mit naturlige jeg, uden make-up og sengehår igen. Jeg overvejede længe og ret kraftigt om disse billeder overhovedet skulle på bloggen, men jeg bestemte mig for at det skulle de.  Netop fordi det er billeder jeg kan stå inde for og viser at alt ikke er perfekt og gør min blog lidt mere personlig. Det håber jeg er noget i også kan lide? Nå men, det jeg gerne vil frem til med alt min snak er, at når jeg har en af de her dage, så har jeg en tendens til at trække i et ud af to outfits. Dette outfit er den ene af de to og i bliver nok ikke overrasket, når jeg fortæller at begge outfits er helt sorte haha. For at være ærlig kan jeg nok ikke sige, at jeg ellers aldrig har helt mørkt tøj på eller at jeg aldrig bærer farverigt og mønstret tøj. Jeg kan nemlig godt lide, at mixe det hele lidt op og det kommer nemlig helt an på mit humør og hvad jeg har lyst til at tage på den pågældende dag.
Det andet outfit er en smule mere feminint. Hvem ved, det kan være i kommer til at se det en dag 🙂
Jeg er ret vild med detaljerne på bagsiden af mine knee-high støvler, hvilket jeg synes gør dem anderledes fra andre modeller. Hvis du spørger mig, så er det noget af et fund for de penge, for de er både rigtig behagelige at gå i og så er de varme. Det havde jeg ret meget brug for i dag, da det lige pludselig blev rimeligt kold og gav sig til at sne. Kimoen er en ældre sag og nærmer sig nok de 30, hvis den ikke allerede har rundet det. Jeg er ret glad for jeg gik på rov i min mors klædeskab, den dag jeg fandt denne. Den blev nemlig lynhurtigt en af mine favoritter, da den kan bruges og styles til så mange forskellige outfits. Min mors klædeskab er det absolut bedste sted at gå på vintage jagt.


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Wishlist Wednesday

I don’t like the quote “New year, new me”. So instead I’ll rather say New year, same me.. Just a tad better. Because why change things that’s already good ? There’s nothing wrong with you!

1. Haute Body – Black Mesh Tee £48 – 2. Nike Flex 6 Trainers£90 – 3. Adidas Originals Oversized Sweatshirt£45 – 4. Nike Power Leggings£65 – 5. Day Bag Birger et Mikkelsen£35 – 6. South Beach Sports Bra £10 – 

I’m not perfect, which shows in my blogs name and on my outfit pictures and obviously I have new years revolutions, which will follow in another blog post. And one of them is working out more and lose a few kilos, so I thought the first wishlist of the year, should be dedicated to sportswear. I need a bit more motivation than just getting healthier, but I’m pretty sure having nice work out wear will do the trick.  Do you guys have a favourite gym brand? and what do you do to stay motivated?

Jeg er ikke så glad for brugen af “Nyt år, ny mig”, så i stedet har jeg valgt at bruge “Nyt år, samme mig.. Med forbedringer”. For hvorfor skal der en ny dig til, når der ikke er noget i vejen med dig?

Jeg er ikke perfekt, hvilket også spiller en rolle i mit blognavn samt på mine billeder. Selvfølgelig har jeg som mange andre, nytårsforsæt, som i kommer til at høre meget mere om, i et andet opslag. Dog er en af dem, at jeg vil træne mere og gerne få taget nogle kilo af vægten. Derfor tænkte jeg at den første wishlist, skulle dedikeres til sports tøj. Jeg mangler selv mere motivation for at komme afsted, end bare fordi jeg gerne vil være sundere, så jeg er sikker på at have noget flot sportstøj vil hjælpe på det punkt.  Har i noget favorit sports mærke? og hvad gør i for at beholde motivationen?


Outfit // Army Jacket

dsc_0340dsc_0348dsc_0351Can contain advertisement in form of affiliate links/kan indholde reklame i form af affiliat. What I’m wearing. * Kneehigh Boots – Boohoo * Silk Cami Dress – ASOS * Army Jacket (old) similar – ASOS * Chooker – ASOS * Lipstic Viva Glam III – MAC.

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year. I’m back on full strength and you can expect to hear and see a lot more from me this year. I have a lot of stuff planed, so I hope you’re just as excited to see what this year brings as I am.

Godt nytår allesammen, jeg håber i er kommet rigtig godt ind i det nye år.

Jeg er tilbage og det er for fuld skrue. Jeg har en masse spændende ting i ærmet og glæder mig til at vise jer det. I kan forvente en del flere billeder og mange flere posts fra mig i dett år. Jeg glæder mig og håber i er mindst lige så spændte som jeg er, for hvad det nye år har at byde på.


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