Tuesday Tip // 2

If you haven’t tried Danish pastries, from a Danish bakery you’re missing out. From Truffle Balls to Ryebread to Strawberry Tarts.. You name it. But you’re in luck, because Ole&SteenUK just opened in London, and you can indulge in all sort of tasty treats! The staff is friendly and the kettle is always on, so you can easily sneak in and hide from the winter winds and warm yourself up and chat over a coup-a.


Instead of a night out, the girls and I decided to sneak in for cheeky cake in the nice locals on 56 Haymarket. Last time, just after the opening, I went for the Truffle Balls which were absolutely amazing. This time I decided to try out the Strawberry Tart, which was like eating a piece of heaven. The Strawberries was sweet an savory and the vanilla cream light.

They also serves brunches which I definitely need to try.

Bon appétit! 🙂


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