Tuesday Tip //Bill’s Pancake and Prosecco

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If you love pancakes and prosecco as much as I do and you’re currently’s in London. Why not take part of Bill’s annual pancake party? For just £10 you can choose a pancake from their pancake menu  and a glass of prosecco! You have to sign up to receive the woucher, which you can do in 1 minute by following the link HERE. It’s valid from Monday 20 February until Tuesday 28 February, except for Friday the 25 and Saturday 26 February.

I’m going with a few friends on the 28th. Will I see you there ? 🙂

Sorry, I’m late..

As most of you know, I normally post my tips on Tuesdays. You can see the previous ones here and here. I’m a bit late to the show this week, I am sorry about that. But I’ll make it up to you, promise! For starters there’s extra 10% of on ASOS Sale, which means you can up to 80% off on selected items. Score! All you have to do, is pick your items from the sales section and before you pay add the promo code SWIPE10. The promo code is valid until 13th of February.

Here’s some of my favourites:
Contains affliate!


From Top Left: 1. ASOS Bronze Dress£38 £11 – 2. UNIQUE 21 Dress£38 £16 – 3. Sugar Hill Leather Look Dress£32 £25 –  4. UNIQUE 21 Open Back Dress£35 £25 – 5. UNIQUE 21 Plaid Dress£30 £22 – 6. Madam Rage Lace Insert Dress£34 £22 7. Influence Wrap Dress£42,5 £26 – 8. Brave Soul Belted Dress – £30 £20 –


From top left: 1. Daisy Street Tie Back Top£15 £5 – 2. Daisy Street Choker Top£17,99 £12 – 3. Boohoo Bardot Top£18 £12.5 – 4. QED London Striped Jumper£32 £16 – 5. QED London Kimono£32 £18 – QED London Peplum Shirt£32 £16


From Top Left: 1. Noisy May Coated Trouser£28 £21 – 2. ASOS Farleigh Jeans£32 £19 – 3. ASOS Scuba Skirt£22 £15 – 4. Baum And Pferdgarten – £69 £20.5 – 5. UNIQUE 21 Jumpsuit£50 £35 – 6. ASOS A-Line Skirt£25 £7.5 – 7. Daisy Street Mom Jeans £39.99 £25 8. Le Kilt Skirt£65 £19.5


From Top Left: 1. ASOS Harness Bra£20 £12 – 2. Lingadore Yasmina Slip Dress£30 £21 – 3. ASOS Triangle Bra£16 £9.5 – 4. Stella McCartney Bodystock£95 £60 – 5. ASOS Velvet and Lace Pants£14 £8 –

All prices are before the extra 10 %.



Currently craving // Acne Pansy Beanie



Currently having a hard time not buying this beanie. It’s perfect and can keep me warm, while looking fashionable. It’s 100% wool. It’s a bit out of my hat budget though, so has to wait for another time.


Har virkelig svært ved, at komme på grunde til ikke at købe denne lækre hat. Den er hel perfekt i 100% uld og et must til at holde mig varm. Lidt ud over mit hatte budget, så det bliver ikke denne gang.