Outfit // Double Denim & Frills


What I’m wearing (AFFILIATE):
1. Denim Jacket; My Mums old from B.Denim (Similar) 2. Top; Old Dress From Zara (Similar) (Similar) 3. Jeans – H&M 360° Shaping Skinny High Jeans – 4. Belt – Old H&M (Similar) 5. Ankle Boots; Vagabond Old (Similar)

I made a deal with my self, not to buy any new clothes till I’ve lost at least 7 kg. I’m 2,5 kg down in two weeks, so still got a good way to go, but I’ll get there. So what to do when you don’t feel like wearing any of your stuff and you’re not allowing yourself buying new clothes? You have to experiment, soooo… I decided to wear my Zara Dress as a top and mixed it up with double denim, and I must say, I did quite like the result. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot, to feel good. What do you do, when you can’t buy new clothes and your running out of options? 🙂










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