10 things I wanna do in May

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New month, new opportunities. Here’s some of what I would like to get out of wonderful May:

Read a book. I miss reading, but never found the head space nor time to do so. Any good book recommendations ?

Take my boyfriends on a romantic date and spend good times with friends.

Save up money to go on holiday and lose more weight, so I’ll feel comfortable doing so.

Create even more blog content and publish more outfit post than ever before. I’m gonna challenge myself this month.

Go to free music gigs around London.

Explore new parts of London, new places I never been, like when my bf and I walked along the whole of Regents Canal. Any suggestions ?

Go watch Shit-faced Shakespeare.

Arrange a BBQ gathering in London Fields.

Eat the first Ice Cream of the year.

Go to Gloucester Rolling Cheese Race on the 29th. Because, I mean.. Who wouldn’t want to watch full grown men and women chase a rolling cheese down a hill?! Will I see any of you guys there ? πŸ™‚

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