Outfit // Leoprint and Leather



What I’m wearing: (AFFILIATE)
Leather Jacket: Vero Moda Old (Similar here) – £54,99 £43,99Dress/top: Binky for In The Style old (Similar here)£33,99Jeans Zara no longer online, but still in stores look for their basic denim collection (similar here)£19.99 –  Bag: Primark old (similar here)£14,00 (Similar here)£30,00 (Similar here)£49,00

From last Wednesdays date day, visiting @sg-skygarden for the first time. Did you know it’s free to visit, although you have to book time in advance to go see it. It’d worth a visit where you’ll be seeing London from a different view around exotic plants and bars.  Have you been?

As mentioned earlier, I’ve decided not to spent money on more clothes before losing a little more weight – I’m mean what’s the point if I soon won’t be able to wear it anyways? So I found an old dress in the back of my closet and teamed it up with my favourite jeans, a leather jacket and my old leo should bag.

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