Get To Know Me


I thought it was about time, you got to know a few more, slightly quirky and useless facts about me. I hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to comment some random facts about yourself – I would love to get to know you to 🙂


I hate Nutella. I know it’s weird, because I normally have a very sweat tooth, but I just can’t get Nutella in my mouth. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

I can’t do a cartwheel. I don’t know whether it’s my arms being to weak or my bum holding me down – gravity you know 😉 However I have hyper-mobile joints, which means I can take me leg up behind my neck.

I want to travel the world.

When I was a child every one thought I was a boy, as I always climbed threes, came home muddy and always hang out with the boys instead of playing with my barbie dolls.

I love snow but I hate the cold.

I woke up in a row boat once after a night out – The boat was safely on dry land – and next to me was a pile of vomit and a half eaten hot dog. Charming huh! But on the bright side I’ve only had a hangover once in my life, that wasn’t the day.

I would love to live on a riverboat for a summer.

I’m a sucker for horror movies and my friends and boyfriend think I’m insane for watching them alone, but I mean.. They don’t wanna watch them with me.

I believe in true love. And I like romance – but not in movies.

I have an extra bone in my left foot. Apparently 10% of people in Denmark is born with it and it mainly affects girls.

I’m nearly 5’9 but I’m the shortest of my siblings and parents. Viking genes I guess.

I’m ambidextrous.

I like looking at the ocean and staying at the beach, but you’ll never see me go into the water. I’m scared of probably all the things in it, it’s not because of the water but because of fish and other creatures in it.

If you ask me something, I’ll tell the truth even though the answer wont always be popular.

I love the smell of rain on a warm summer day and I always get the urge to go out and dance bare footed in the rain on those days.

I’m still a kid at heart.

My favourite number is 9.

I talk too fast when I get super excited or nervous. I turn red really easily too.

I’m mostly optimistic.

I have a scar on my chin. Which I got first when I was 3 years old falling chin down on a crate, I went to hospital to get i glued. But luck has it I hurt the exact same spot when I was 5 or 6, whilst playing Horse (you know this weird game were one person is horse and one person is the owner..) Well this boy pulled me hair because I didn’t want to crawl down to steps of stairs and I fell.. again chin down, and got stitches this time.

My dad wanted to name me Caroline.


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