How About We Wear What We Want


wear what you want

Wear what ever you like, don’t follow the unwritten rules. If you once heard stripes wont work if they’re horizontal or you can’t wear pink because you’re ginger, but you like it. Go for it! If you want to wear a neon bright leggings or a prom dress, do it, if that’s where you feel comfortable and that’s what you like to wear. That’s where you’ll shine!

I think it happens way to often, that the fashion world says that you can’t do that, don’t wear that, this will make you look short etc. Heck I know I might be a little bigger than the average and I shouldn’t wear anything to tight. But you know what? I don’t care. My friend ones said if you got it, flaunt it – that’s what I intend to do and I’ll wear exactly what I want, if I think it suits me I’ll be comfortable = Happy me. I want every single woman and man out there to be able to put on whatever  they feel like and wear it with confidence. Because it makes them feel good. Because when you wear that dress you feel like you can take on the world. Because those flats make you feel a like a million bucks.

I think we way to often measure us self from the eyes of others instead of measuring our happiness and the brightness of our smiles. I think most people generally think that if other people like me, maybe I’ll start feeling more confident. I believe it’s the other way around, if people see a happy smiley girl who is happy being her then the rest will follow – I mean I know it’s difficult and well.. It took me 22 years, but we’ll all get there eventually.



Up to 50% of ASOS Sale

Just a quick hello, checking in to let you know there’s 50% on selected items on ASOS website, check it out here!

Below is a few of my favourites from the sale.

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1. Free People Cold Shoulder Dress 2. Steve Madden Stilletos 3. Pull&Bear Cami 4. Asos Cols Shoulder Dress 5. Asos Wooden Stilletos 6. Asos Sun top 7. Asos Slides 8. Asos One Shoulder Ruffle Dress 9. Pull&Bear Strapless Top

I’m Moving..


I know I’ve been of the grid the past few weeks. I’ve had so much going on with work and got told I have to move out of my wonderful house, which I’m a little sad about. However I’m positive I find a new wonderful house soon.

How have you guys been?

I’ll try and post a bit more consistently again, I do miss it.

Wishlist Wednesday


Affiliate: Blouse: Miss Selfridges – £35 – Skirt: Noisy May – £18 – Loafers: Boohoo – £22 – Bag: Pimkie – £13.99

There’s so many nice trends going on at the moment, and I’m an sucker for almost all of them. I know my Bank Account wont agree, but this is highest on my wishlist right now – but the items are good for you, who are on a budget. How chick and summery is this outfit?

Summer Shoes


Affiliate! 1. Stud Loafer Mule – £22 – 2.  Sanayi313 Loafers – £800 – 3. Sueded Knot Ballerinas – £22 – 4. Floral Heels – £32 – 5. Wedges Sandal – £22 – 6. Pink Sandal – £10 – 7. Slip-ons –  £39.99 – 8. Valentinos – £470 – 9. Furry Flip-Flops – £28 – 10. Sliders – £15 – 11. Flatforms – £25 – 12. Cross Sandals – £20 – 13. Furry Flatforms -£20 – 14. Peeptoe Boots – £12 – 15. Loafers – £20 – 16. Pearly Sliders – £22 – 17. Lace Up Ballets – £15 – 

No matter how many shoes I think I’ve bought for my spring/summer wardrobe last season, I always feel like I don’t have anything that looks like summer shoes, when we reach spring. Gone.. Every year gone from earths surface as if the never existed.

So if anyone fear they would walk bare footed  this summer, I hope they can find inspiration from my 17 shoes.


10 Things I Wanna Do In June

Scr. Pinterest

I can’t believe we’re half way through the year! Where has this year gone?

See the Queens Birthday Parade.

Go to a rooftop bar.

Go to West End live at Trafalgar Square. Who doesn’t enjoy all the musical songs? Best of all, it’s free! 🙂

Drink ciders in the park with great company.

Go to the gym every second day. I’m still battling with my weight loss but I’m slowly getting there and it stays off! 🙂

Find a new house.

Find summer outfits to bring on my holiday to Greece in July. I’m going with some girl friends and we will be attending a christening too, but I got no idea what to wear. Any idea what to wear for a christening in Greece ?

Sit on my terrace and listening to the festivities going on at Field Day.

Catch a glimps of the World Naked Bike Ride.

Go to one of Londons many markets on my weekends off.