About Appreciating The Little Things

We all do it, we all think forward to that holiday, weddings, promotion at work instead of focusing on the little things in life. That’s not what life’s about, is it ? I think we’re often to quick to focusing on the bad things but for me life isn’t always about the bad things or only the big events coming up, because if you spend every day on thinking about that big thing coming up, you don’t truly appreciate what you have. Life is not worth anything, if you don’t live it!


1. Okay this isn’t as creepy as it sounds, I promise 🙂 But I love sitting at a bench in a park, by the river or in a cafe and just watch people as they pass you as they live their lives. How wonderful is it, that we’re all completely different? I think it’s absolutely amazing.  Especially watching  children playing and laughing together, it just reminds me of all the joy in the world.

2. Letting my phone die. In this time of day, we’re so attached to technology. I think it’s a shame. We should spend the time together with friends and love ones instead.

2. Listening to a song you’ve completely forgotten existed and regain your love for it.

3. Morning cuddles with B.  I absolutely love waking up and appreciating another day together. It’s not often we get to wake up together and just enjoy each others company, but I need to go back in bed for 5 minutes before leaving to go to work each morning. I mean for me it’s just a success getting up in the early hours of the morning.

4. Catching up with your best friend, whom you haven’t seen for a while. Or just chatting with your mum over the phone. My mum and I have made a pact to talk once a week, as time flies to quickly when you’re in different countries.

5. A sunny day! It just lightens up your mood, sitting catching the warmth of the sun on your skin. Enjoy nature.

What are your favourite little things in life ?


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