Things I Can’t Do

Hey, everyone got something they can’t do. You’re not alone, so I thought I would share some of the things that I can’t do, with you. The list could go on, so I’ve decided to post a few things. What can’t you do or can you do some of the things I can’t? 


  1. I can’t say the word “Certificate” nor in Danish. I can’t pronounce Three or tree, they both sound the same. And apparently pronouncing a word beginning with w is difficult too.
  2. I can’t dance and I feel so uncomfortable and awkward on a dance floor. I can’t even follow a choreography. My mum always told me “Look Sara, you don’t own a rhythm in your body, so you should probably not become a dancer” – she mean it in the best way possible. So on a night out you would probably find me by the bar.
  3. Wear white clothing. I do try and I do buy white clothes, but straight after I put the item on, I spill coffee, juice, wine or something else that’s impossible to get off.
  4. Walk with out falling over. I’m such a clumps and I even tried stumbling over a leaf once. I know 😉
  5. I can’t wink. If I do wink, I look like I’m having a stroke. Nor can I whistle, believe me I’ve practiced for hours and the only thing that comes out of my mouth is air.
  6. Find my way around. I would probably get lost in my own pocket without trying. Despite following a sat-nav I’ll still get lost.
  7. I can’t remember more than two or three sentences in a song. Well I mean I think I can, but my boyfriend always say I sing something similar but not quite the words.

Have a lovely weekend xx

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