I Have This Thing With Boots..

… And sneaks and dresses and jackets and everything for that matter 🙂 But today, it’s all about those boots. I’ve found a few, that it’s on the top of my wish list – it tingles in my fingers, that’s how much I’m struggling not to buy them.. I’m pretty sure my bank lady wouldn’t be happy. Ha-ha!

The pairs I found is for me the perfect boots for right now. They go with everything, are not too wintery and perfect with a bare leg, tights, dress or jeans.


1. Buckle Ankle Boots from Stradivarius –  £ 55,99
2. Biker Boots from Asos – £ 38
3. Heeled Zip Boots from Asos – £ 38
4. Suede Leo Boots from Asos – £ 60
5. Suede Black Boots from Asos – £ 55
6. Cut Out Boots from Pull&Bear – £ 29,99

Re-post // How To Clean Out Your Closet

A new season is right on our door step, so I thought I would remind you of my How To Clean Out Your Closet Guide.

Autumn is coming, yeah, I know very GOT of me 😉 Before I go ahead and shop styles for the new season, I always  try and get a clear view of what I actually have in my closet, what to put away, what to throw and what to give to charity.  So by going through your closet you’ll automatically have a pretty great perspective of what you’ll actually use and what’s not a autumn/winter item.  That’s why a created this guide, to give you guys a little helping hand in the right direction.

So look no further than down below:


Friday Gratefulness //3


I’ve earlier written about not just appreciating big events but also the little things. Therefor every Friday I’ll be posting one or more things that I’m grateful for the following week. This I believe is the way forward to a happier every day.

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Friday Gratefulness // 1 here
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First and foremost – I’m so sorry about me just stop posting from one day to another. In stead of coming up with any excuses, I’ll just tell you that I’ve been very busy and finally found a new place to call home.

This very moment I’m at my parents house in Denmark next to me is Viva, my little furry best friend – my dog, and I’m so very grateful to have the opportunity to always being able to travel back home and visit my family whether it be for a weekend or a week, like I am this time. My plan is to do as little as possible and finish up a few of those blog post I have saved in my drafts. At this moment there is 35 pieces, some finished, some only just begun so trust me, it’s not because I don’t know what to write about..

And don’t worry I’ll write a post, so you guys know what I’ve been getting up to lately. What have you guys been up to ? 🙂