On Wednesday We Wear Pink #1


Happy Wednesday!

I love pink and anything girly, I don’t think it has gone past anyone by now. So in true Mean Girl style I devoted Wednesdays to #Onwednesdaywewearpink and I will always wear at least one pink item on Wednesdays.

These three items are currently high on my wish list, especially the Ganni sweater, even though it’s absolute gorges I must admit it’s probably out of my price range for the time being.

Pink Cord Skirt from Asos – £28
Pink Buckle Dress from Asos – £30
Pink Sweater from Ganni – £355


Hey Monday!

Monday is a good day. It means the start of a new week, which can turn out in tons of different ways we do not know yet. Monday is a form of weekly New Year, where you can look forward to everything new.


1. I’ve just discovered slice mango in my bag (wrapped in don’t worry) which I bought yesterday. I obviously forgot about it when I got home. So today I’m walking around with sliced mango in my bag. G-R-E-A-T!

2. Today B and I are having Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner for the first time in more than 14 days and I’m somehow proud of having managed to eat dishes other than that for the past 14 days. It’s all about the little victories hey? 🙂

3. I’m an introvert. BIG TIME. Earlier I would let it restrict me – granted it still can once in a while; I was unsure, shy and a really really low self-esteem. Today I know it can be a pretty great gift.

4. It takes a lot for me to get angry, but when I do you’ll know.

5.I’m a massive family person at heart and the best thing I know is to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. However, it is a bit difficult when living in another country – but you gotta use the time you’ve got!

6. I hate talking on the phone, there’s actually only a few people I love talking to on the phone, but mostly I prefer not to answer my phone if it calls.

7. I love laughing and I’m quite a goofy person. What I mean is, that I love having fun and humor can really make my day.

8. I’ve coloured my hair a lot when I was younger and tried out a million different haircuts. I mainly went for the orange and red tones but I even tried out purple and green. But in “my older days” I’ve gone back to my natural roots. I am a bit bored now though, maybe I should try something new. Any suggestions ?

9. I always craved travelling the world and have always dreamed of doing volunteer work in Africa. Maybe I should do something about it.

10. Even though I’m a big fan of breakfast, I don’t really eat it during weekdays. I’m really not hungry early morning so instead I just have a massive cup of coffee. But when it’s the weekend and I’m off then I make time to make a delicious breakfast/brunch, with full English or waffles or Chia seed pudding.


Friday Gratefulness // 5

I’ve earlier written about not just appreciating big events but also the little things. Therefor every Friday I’ll be posting one or more things that I’m grateful for the following week. This I believe is the way forward to a happier every day.

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Flowers, I love flowers! All sorts, ranging from the ones you find on the site of a country road to the big and beautiful tied bouquets. Which are your favourites? Mine is a beautiful orchid or a sunflower. I think they’re aesthetically pleasing, gives your space a more homey vibe and it feels downright great when someone sends you some. What’s not to like? Flowers for me is a sign of life – remember to enjoy it and take care of it and those precious in your life. Nothing’s more wonderful than fresh flowers and for me it spreads good energy and lifts up my mood and calm me on a busy day while keeping bad thoughts way.


Lately #3

Geez Louise (Yeah I don’t know why I’ve started saying that) I haven’t done one of these in ages, guess we have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

Lately I have been:

1. Having dinner in Yurt Cafe London for the amazing chefs behind KiwiandRoos very first Supper club – The venue and food was amazing – we got multiple dishes including booze, starters and dessert. Yum!


2. Celebrated B’s birthday. We’re normally going big on the celebrations like when we had our anniversary – but B doesn’t like celebrating his birthday, so instead we did exactly what he wanted and went to get his favourite meal –  Pie and Mash  – and saw Kingsman “The Golden Circle” in Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel – to those who haven’t been to Genesis yet, it’s worth a try if you’re looking for something cheaper but don’t want to downgrade your standards – they have pretty cool art and stuff too. Oh and I can totally recommend the movie too 🙂


4. Saturday we went to do Zip lining with Zip World London and I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Haven tried Go Ape I hoped for a bit more than just a 2 second ride – It was so much fun though! I absolutely love doing crazy adventurous stuff, like when I went indoor skydiving – granted.. Maybe not as crazy and adventurous as proper skydiving but you get the point..


5. Followed by a lovely Brunch at The Fire Station Waterloo and a walk by the River Thames.


What have you guys been up to lately?




Would Love To Wear // Floral Top And Denim Skirt


I’m so loving the sock-fit-boots, which I think would fit any outfit whether it be double denim, cute dress or this this killer outfit. I think the tones in this top is just the perfect match for autumn. Add a touch of red and you have a bold yet very toned down and somehow classy outfit, what do you think?

I hope you had a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Items (Affiliate):
Denim Skirt from Miss Selfridge – £28.
Floral Bell Sleve Top from Hush – £45.
Sock Fit Boots from John Lewis – £119.
Bag from Kurt Geiger – £49

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