Friday Gratefulness // 5

I’ve earlier written about not just appreciating big events but also the little things. Therefor every Friday I’ll be posting one or more things that I’m grateful for the following week. This I believe is the way forward to a happier every day.

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Flowers, I love flowers! All sorts, ranging from the ones you find on the site of a country road to the big and beautiful tied bouquets. Which are your favourites? Mine is a beautiful orchid or a sunflower. I think they’re aesthetically pleasing, gives your space a more homey vibe and it feels downright great when someone sends you some. What’s not to like? Flowers for me is a sign of life – remember to enjoy it and take care of it and those precious in your life. Nothing’s more wonderful than fresh flowers and for me it spreads good energy and lifts up my mood and calm me on a busy day while keeping bad thoughts way.


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