18 Goals For 2018! #1

Happy New Year lovelies!
This is my first post of the year, can you believe it?

I’m not normally much for New Years and the whole New Years resolutions, And before every one starting to say, what I normally do, “Yuck why make any NY resolution, why not just start when ever you want to?” then know that something happened inside me the last few days of 2017 and I’m more motivated than ever, motivated about progression, being the best version of myself stop having the nagging feeling of feeling stuck! Do you know what I mean?

No progression without goals, so here’s my 18 goals for 2018:


.. Travel more.
I know I know, I say this all the time, but this year I’m serious. The matter of fact 2,5 trips has already been planned. WAUW what’s going on with this organized new me? :p ! First of, in February B and I are going to …. (I won’t tell you just yet, as he won’t know until we’re in the airport. He knows we’re going somewhere though, as it’s his Christmas present from my family and I, he just don’t know where) for 3 nights and I’m so excited!, in March I’m going to Denmark for our family weekend tradition and as of January 1st I started putting my coffee money(the money I normally spend on coffee) aside for my NYC for New Years Eve, I might go alone or someone might join – we’ll see. However I need loads of tips for NYC and more of plans for this trip will come in a post later this year.

.. Have four training sessions a week of at least and 1 hour.
It’s no secret I’ve been struggling to lose weight and I’m still trying to. I think the main reason is finding the motivation, because apparently it wasn’t motivation enough not feeling great in my own body. How the brain works sometimes huh?! But right now I’m more motivated than even, so it’s now I need to do it! It’s going rather well, if I can say so myself. Not making up excuses for not going, actually scratch that, I am making up excuses but I’m not falling for them haha! 

.. Make my bed every morning!
 So far, so bad :p

.. Read a book a month.
January’s book is “How To Become An Overnight Success” and I must say Maria Hatzistefanis is killing it writing this book. Also on the list is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*Ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life“, “Papmaché Reglen“, “#Girlboss“, “The Little Black Book” and “How To Be Parisian: Whereever You Are“.  I’m in need of inspiration for more book, both fictional and non-fiction, so please feel free to comment what you’re reading right now or any recommendations you might have. 

What are your New Year goals, do you have any or do you hate those things?
Next 4 resolutions will come in the next post on Monday the 15th! 🙂




4 thoughts on “18 Goals For 2018! #1

  1. I have a few similar goals this year, especially reading one book a month. I would completely recommend The Cows by Dawn O Porter, it is the best book I have read.. ever! I loved it! Loving the blog, so glad I found it.. keep up the hard work pretty lady! x



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