18 Goals For 2018! #2

Happy Monday lovebugs,

I hope you had a great weekend. This weekend B and I decided to have a date day on Saturday and dedicate Sunday to work. Saturday we went to Namco Funscape to have some fun! I will admit it’s a bit pricey but it is really a fun day out and both of us needed to feel like kids for a day haha! Sunday was spent on planning content for both the blog and my Instagram account and I did manage to sneak in a cheeky gym sessionWhat were you up to? Anything exciting? 🙂

I’ve mentioned again and again, that I never really was a fan of New Years resolutions. Mainly because I don’t get the New Year – New Me – like why do you want a new me ? Why not just improve yourself instead of changing yourself? You’re good enough! Another reason is, that people always say something like “I’ll never again…” or “From now on I’ll always..”. I think you have to be careful with the use of never and ever when it comes to resolutions or goals. Because when will you know you’ve reach your goals, when it includes never and always? However I did decide to make a few goals for my self, you can re-read the 4 goals from last week,  and below is another 4:


Be present!
I started thinking about multitasking. Why is that a good skill to have ? How about being focused on one thing at a time, if I’m with friends I should be with my friends, don’t have that little black box (= my phone) in my hand and scroll down my Instagram feed, because to be honest the only thing I’m missing out on whilst doing that is missing out on quality time with my friends, boyfriend, family who ever I might spend time with. And that’s a real shame. Don’t get me wrong I love my phone and I can spend hours on Instagram, but I wanna focus on that when that’s what I’m focusing on, and focus on being there when I’m with my friends etc, otherwise I’m there but not really. Do you know what I mean?

.. Less mess and stress less!
I really need to de-clutter my room, I have so much mess which I really don’t need. The other day I found a calender from 2012, okay okay I might have saved that because of the Photos of Ian Sommerhalder on it, but still! Come on Sara! What do I need a 2012 calendar for in 2018? I also found my old Volley Ball t-shirt with like 12 tiny holes in it, it’s time to go babe! I have a feeling that tidying up my mess will help my stress levels, because at times those levels are way out of hand and often I just stress about small insignificant things. Regarding the stress I’m also teaching myself that I can’t control everything, even though I like to think so, whether it’s about a goal I’ve set for myself, or something happening with work or/and outside work. Most of the time we really can’t control the situations we are in, so instead I just have to roll with them in the best way possible. 

.. Get outside my comfort zone!
Say yes! This year I want to go outside my comfort zone and takes risks. I think it’s extremely important to make those changes in your life because they can potentially lead to real personal growth and who know, maybe you get to know a few things about yourself to eh?

.. Appreciate the little things!
Most of you might already have read my Friday Gratefulness posts, so you already now I’m all about being grateful for not just the big things but also the small things. And yes, you’ll definitely see more of those posts. I believe it so so important to appreciate everything coming your way. I’m forever grateful for my life, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, having a roof over my head… the list goes on. I want this to be a life long goal and not just a thing for 2018, actually all of the things on my list probably are life long goals and I wanna make sure I hit every single goal, but I will not fixate on them, because that isn’t healthy and will not help on staying present and stress less, so although I’ll do anything to hit those goals I don’t wanna fixate on them and I’m not gonna feel crappy if I don’t reach some of them, because it’s all about the little victories after all.


The next 5 goals will be up on Monday the 22nd, so you don’t have to wait much longer. Please feel free to add your goals in the comment section, it’s always nice getting to know you ladies(and gents)!




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