18 Goals For 2018! #3

8 goals ud 18, skriv 5 i dette post.

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You can read about the first 8 here and here.

.. Drink less sugary drinks and more water!
I hate the fact that my skin looks like an teenager who just got in to puberty. I’m 25 years old now and personally think it should have changed by now. But admittedly nothing changes if I don’t change, so instead of drinking sugary drinks (stupid empty calories ) I’ll stick to water which does taste good and on the plus side is free! Also, drinking more water will actually improve my skin a lot more. 

.. Spend my money wisely and start saving!
I had a tendency to just buy and buy whenever I saw something I liked, whether it be clothes, bags or coffees. Mainly because I had the idea that saving money would’nt make any sense as you can take your savings with you in your grave. Sinister I know, but I think that’s what I thought or maybe the fact that I was raised with the you have to earn your money to get the stuff you like and unfortunately I like a lot of things haha. On the other hand though, how will I ever go on a nice holiday if I keep on spending my money, or buy a house or anything else. I was stupid and it took me 25 years and a hella lot of talks with my parents, grandparents and boyfriend, to realize. But sometimes I think you just need to get to that conclusion yourself, because that’s when it actually sticks to your brain. Does any of this even make sense? I’m not sure 🙂. Anyhow I started saving up for my NYC trip because that’s expensive. All I had to do, was giving up that cup of coffee that I bought every day and drink the coffee that’s a work, and is free. So far this one is working out quite well and if do go and buy the coffee, I’ll punish my self by removing those £3 from my NYC savings account. Learn the hard way or not at all kinda thing. 

..  Be more organised!
I feel like my life sometimes feel chaotic, do you know what I mean? I set up a bunch of plans with friends, plan to go here and there and everywhere, then someone cancels or it just doesn’t seem to happen. That’s why this year I bought a calendar in order to start organizing and making plans that will happen. I know something always comes up but I won’t be able to remember everything unless I write it down.  Such as making to do lists as will definitely help me in my everyday life but also in regards to planing posts on my Instagram and here on the blog – because I’m planing on creating loads more content this year without lowering the quality.  So far I find that this actually helps me a lot more than everything being digital and also a sense of relief when you can tick it off manually. Oh the joy 🙂 So yeah. I want to get more organised overall, like even my wardrobe is like a big chaotic pile which I find doesn’t really help me at all.

.. Change bad habbits!
The biggest thing that keeps me from reaching my goals is the desire to relax and do something fun instead of working hard, and thinking I deserve it. Granted your body and brain needs rest and you should rest but I have to stop feeling self pity making up excuse as of why I need the rest. Once I get used to postponing or coming up with excuses it will get more and more difficult to snap myself out of the vicious circle. So I will need to put in a lot of work to change this bad habit. This is only one of my bad habits, there’s plenty haha. 

.. Love myself!
So a lot of my goals actually adds to this, because my goals are set for me to be better. Not just my physical appearance but also my mental state of mind and actually I already feel a lot better by working out, saving money(less stress) and organizing my life and plans. I’ve always had a lot of insecurities on my appearances but also the feeling of never being good enough. I used to be anorexic now I’m battling the opposite and my weight and my looks will probably always be an insecurity, but I’m now 25 years old and decided I don’t wanna live my life being sad about not looking like this or not feeling good enough. I always make up excuses for my self before anyone else can say anything (most people probably wont say anything as well). Excuses like “Sorry for looking shit today, I’m just tired or I’m not feeling well or I’m not wearing make-up” any of those goes to be honest. I don’t believe there’s one person in the world who doesn’t have just one thing they wanna change about them self. But instead of wanting to change things(except for my weight, I do need to lose weight for my health’s sake) I want to turn the negative energy into something else and start loving myself for who I really am, because I am, like you, good enough. And most of all, I am human and human makes mistakes and learn from them. 



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