Friday Gratefulness //7

It’s time for the first Friday Gratefulness of the year. You’ve previously heard me talking about May, June, July and all the other summer and spring months like I’m in love with them. I am! Actually I normally chat about how lovely I think the current month is, but that doesn’t go for January. Sorry Jan! But you make my heart heavy and my skin dry and see-through soooo.. I’m not really a fan!

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This post however is about positivity and what I’m grateful for, so let’s mention one great thing about January.. Okay not great. Let’s say good then. January is one of the quieter months, forgetting all the goal setting, gym sessions etc. But it is a slow and quiet month where it’s okay to just stay inside and binge-watch Netflix all day and eat chocolate. Friends is on Netflix now! Hallelujah! 🙂 So that’s exactly what I’ve done except for the chocolate, which doesn’t work well with my gym sessions. How do you feel about January?




I’m so grateful for starting a whole new year, with loads of new opportunities that I’m trying to create for myself. I’m so so grateful I have the option to do so. Let’s all make sure we make this the best year yet and every year thereafter! You deserve it.




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