18 Goals For 2018 #4

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Last 5 goals for this year. Some have been heavier ones and mentally challenging and some quiet easy. But one thing’s for sure. It’s been so good for me to set these goals. Have you set any goals? Have you succeeded so far or given up?


.. Learn one new recipe a month!
I love cooking but I rarely find the time, having to juggle work, more work, gym and socializing. I also live with 4 other people with sort of limit my time in the kitchen. Cooking is basically the most important skill a man or woman should possess in order to actually survive, okay okay you can just buy food, but does that not come with other side-effects? Also it allows you to save up money, you’ll eat the food you love just the way you want it and it will impress your certain someone with lovely meals shared under candlelight. That went a bit of track sozz! 🙂 What I was saying is I do bloody love cooking and I like to experiment in the kitchen, but I don’t often have the time to get creative. This year I want to cook more, it will ad to my savings and my health and I want to learn one new recipe a month. If you have any good dishes please share in the comments! 

.. I wanna learn from my mistakes and learn how to not fear failure!
Have you also made it a habit to look at all the things you didn’t manage to finish and tell yourself of for not finishing? Me too! And you might even stay later, like me, to finish it. I wanna do the opposite! Before leaving work or anything else, I instead want to look at all the things I actually managed to do and give my self some recognition. #stressnothankyou! Therefore I taught myself a little word of big importance. A small word which requires some getting use to in order to use it in your every day life. A little word that has helped me a lot. Being able to say “Whatever” or “fuck it” is not always easy, especially when being depressed or stressed in your everyday life, but it can be your turning point to learn to say those words and you’ll feel such a relief. I have been under a lot of pressure and stressed about both small and big things, and something that really has helped me is to say “fuck it all”. It taught me that I’m only a human being and taught me to control my inner critic, which is really my worst enemy. It told me to be better, run faster, be more effective and basically being a squid with only two arms. Impossible right? But I learned from that and I hope you will too. You’re not alone!

.. Be better at using ALL of the items I already have.
Be better at using my wardrobe to the fullest. My everyday wardrobe often rotates week after week and I often end up in the same sort of outfit. Which means I have too many items hanging in my closet, which rarely gets used. This I will change in 2018. I admit I like buying new things, no way out of that one. It’s both fun and exciting and something I really enjoy. But I rather put my money on a awesome travel destination or on a really quality item, which I can use for longer than a bottled water, trends that’ll past faster than a cheese in my house (and cheese disappear really fast at mine) and other unnecessary things. I still want to fell smart and fashionable though and I’ll always be in to fashion and beauty, but I would like to buy less and use what I already have more.  I also wanna get invited a party where I can wear a floor-length dress, a la this* and this. (Okay might be a tough one! Someone please invite me! :p) Which granted does require a certain kind of party. 

.. Spoil myself with flowers once a month and be more social.
I love LOVE flowers and as I mentioned here and on several occasions I really think they bring life and joy to a room. So to help my self and my boyfriend out, I’ll buy myself a bouquet of flowers once a month. I also wanna go out more with friends, doesn’t need to be anything fancy but just really spending time with them. 

.. Stick to all my new goals and new habits!
I want to make this positive changes permanent. This one is sort of self explanatory, so I’ll stop rambling 🙂


But mainly my biggest wish is that all my nearest and dearest, and you guys, are all in good health and happy. If only that thing will go right, then I don’t need anything else 🙂










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