Let’s Just Talk About.. #1

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.. That I had to write this blog post twice because I freaking accidentally hit the X! Before WP saved my draft.. Jeeeez! You probably all know the feeling of, the new post, assignment or whatever, never really is the same and as good as the first one.. Right?

.. The new Netflix series “The End of the F******* World”, is among one of the craziest, most fun and weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Have you seen it?

.. How many items you’re allowed to buy yourself? I think I went a bit overboard this month. Thank God it’s February.

.. Speaking of buying stuff for yourself. I just bought this swimsuit and I’m not even going anywhere warm or any place where I can use it, in the near future. That’s okay, right?

.. The weather?! I mean.. It’s all nice and sunny when you arrive at work, so much that you’ll get your hopes up! As soon as the clock ticks “end of workday” it starts pouring down. Not cool!

.. How this blouse close to perfect this top* is, and how much I’m looking forward to spring by just looking at it!

.. Not to mention this leopard print skirt*! Dreamy!

.. It’s almost spring! In 22 days to be precise.

.. That I really, like REALLY, could use 2-3 weeks on Bali or Thailand. I crave heat, sandy beaches and coconuts en masse. Any tips how to get rid of that craving? Because that ain’t happening right now (thumbs down emoji)

.. How empty you feel inside, when you open your newly purchased avocado.. And it’s brown inside.. #struggling


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