I’m Back!


I left without a word, soz, but guess what?! I’m alive and I’m baaack! I felt very drained from energy and that I was going anywhere.. I came to realization that I wasn’t really doing this for fame! Granted.. How cool would it be living life as a blogger?! I sure as hell wouldn’t mind. But that’s not why I started and that’s not why I wrote any of the post that I already have. 131 and counting btw 😉

No, how I chose to describe this blog. My blog. Is, that this is my personal virtual diary, where I let my mind wander(God knows! It does all the time) and get my fingers to work on the keyboard. I’m pretty sure that’s how it comes across anyways, with all the spelling errors haha! Heck I’m not perfect and I never will be. Who is anyways? But I must say, I’ve missed writing. And I hope my imperfections can inspire at least some of you, in any kind of way.

Well basically, ladies and gentlemen! I’m back and you can expect a lot more post coming your way. My random lists, some OOTDs and “what to do this month.” I would also like to hear, what you would like to hear more about? Go nuts in the comment section please – it means a lot for me, to talk to you!


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