Let’s Just Talk About #6

.. Being a tall girl. I’ve gotten a few comments on my height during my time as a tall girl haha. Like do you play basketball, how about Volley Ball. Excuse me can you hear me up there? Your parents must be giants! And I’m not even “that tall” with my 5’7. How ever I would like to focus on the positive, so tall girl embrace your height and wear those heals if you want! So here goes:
– You can always reach the best bag of crisp on the top shelf. Score!
– You can always see at a concert.. Unless other concert goers are filming the                  entire thing with their Iphone+! #hastostop
– You stand out in the crowd and will always be able to spot your mother at the             supermarket.

.. The term “Beauty sleep”. I don’t understand that it is called Beauty Sleep. Personally I look like a fried fish who’s suffered the dead by drowning if I take a nap or a little beauty hour on the train or the airplane. If we talk about a nights beauty sleep I wake up looking like a Troll who’s been i the tumble drier. Does any one even look nice after any kind of beauty sleep? Or is it just me, who’s the less fortunate one?

.. Why is it that you always promise yourself not taking breathing through your nose for granted ever again, when you’re having a cold. But at the very time the cold is gone, you forget and take it for granted again.

.. Stomach noises. Sure it’s only fair it makes noises to let you know you’re hungry.. (As if I didn’t know that already though?) But is it really necessary to make sounds when it’s digesting or because of gas? I mean.. First dates, quiet cinemas, in a meeting/exams.. Do I need to say more?

.. What happened to spring? I swear it was here a week or two ago and now we’re just back to autumn/wintery weather, which we had for.. What feels like a year? Holiday needed asap!

.. This overlooked health tip. Read it HERE 🙂

If you have any topics you think we should talk about, then feel free to make a comment. I love hearing your ideas!







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