Hi Guys,

I’m Sara and I’m a 24 year old Danish girl living in London. This blogging thing is quite new to me, so you could call me a Newbie to the big Blogging World, but I always wanted that space to express my self and hopefully I’ll be an inspiration to you all.

Welcome to my little informal universe – Nofashionicon.com.  I decided on the name NOFASHIONICON as I wanted it to be about my personal style, what I like and in general I just want to be as original and close to me as possible. I have always loved all things girly, fashion, beauty and food. Even though I’m on a constant diet it wont all be freakish healthy – I promise.  I’ll be sharing with you guys my personal style, and will be using my Blog as a visual diary to express my thoughts, inspiration, style, Wanderlust and my love for amazing food. It will be nothing to serious but hopefully fun for you to read. I hope you enjoy and thank you so so much for reading.

You can with advantage read a little more about me, in a blog post I’ve posted HERE!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email on: nofashionicon@gmail.com


Lots of love Sara x

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