Lately #3

Geez Louise (Yeah I don’t know why I’ve started saying that) I haven’t done one of these in ages, guess we have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

Lately I have been:

1. Having dinner in Yurt Cafe London for the amazing chefs behind KiwiandRoos very first Supper club – The venue and food was amazing – we got multiple dishes including booze, starters and dessert. Yum!


2. Celebrated B’s birthday. We’re normally going big on the celebrations like when we had our anniversary – but B doesn’t like celebrating his birthday, so instead we did exactly what he wanted and went to get his favourite meal –  Pie and Mash  – and saw Kingsman “The Golden Circle” in Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel – to those who haven’t been to Genesis yet, it’s worth a try if you’re looking for something cheaper but don’t want to downgrade your standards – they have pretty cool art and stuff too. Oh and I can totally recommend the movie too 🙂


4. Saturday we went to do Zip lining with Zip World London and I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Haven tried Go Ape I hoped for a bit more than just a 2 second ride – It was so much fun though! I absolutely love doing crazy adventurous stuff, like when I went indoor skydiving – granted.. Maybe not as crazy and adventurous as proper skydiving but you get the point..


5. Followed by a lovely Brunch at The Fire Station Waterloo and a walk by the River Thames.


What have you guys been up to lately?




Would Love To Wear // Floral Top And Denim Skirt


I’m so loving the sock-fit-boots, which I think would fit any outfit whether it be double denim, cute dress or this this killer outfit. I think the tones in this top is just the perfect match for autumn. Add a touch of red and you have a bold yet very toned down and somehow classy outfit, what do you think?

I hope you had a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Items (Affiliate):
Denim Skirt from Miss Selfridge – £28.
Floral Bell Sleve Top from Hush – £45.
Sock Fit Boots from John Lewis – £119.
Bag from Kurt Geiger – £49

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Friday Gratefulness // 4

I’ve earlier written about not just appreciating big events but also the little things. Therefor every Friday I’ll be posting one or more things that I’m grateful for the following week. This I believe is the way forward to a happier every day.

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This week I’m especially grateful for my morning coffee. I’ve decided to change up my routine and get up a little earlier, to sit down and chill with a nice book or magazine and the perfect cup of coffee. It gives me the chance to relax and reflect on the day that’s coming. I’m considering going for a run or go to the gym as well, but one step at the time 🙂

What are you especially grateful for?


OOTD: You Can’t Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots

 So Saturday night I was invited to Kiwi&Roos very first Supper Club event at Yurt Cafe London, a beautiful little Oase which has been part of St. Katharine’s Precinct just around the corner from Limehouse Station. I’ll show you more photos from the evening and explain a lot more about it in another blog post.


It was a wonderful evening, the venue and the food was just amazing and so was the company. I decided to go for a comfy yet classy dress, that would hide the food baby I knew I would have after a night with food and drinks a mass! I absolutely love the cut of these kind of dresses, which I honestly think suits any body type. I got mine when I went to Denmark on holiday, but I haven’t yet found it online –  I’m sure it will come though. In the meantime, I found some pretty great alternatives further down.  

1. Polka Dot Wrap Dress from Vero Moda – £ 29,99  (Not online yet)
2. Pointy Shoes from Primark- £ 8 (similar)
3. Viva Glam Lipstick from MAC – £ 16.50

As my dress is not online yet and so far only can be found in the psychical stores in Denmark I have found a few alternatives for you underneath.

  1. Pink Polka Dot Wrap Dress from Pretty Little Thing – £ 12
  2. Bodaux Floral Wrap Dress from Liquorish – £ 32
  3. Red Polka Dot Wrap Dress from Vero Moda –  £ 29,99
  4. Black Ruffle Wrap Dress from Vero Moda – £ 18
  5. Floral Wrap Dress from Vero Moda – £ 21

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Therefor there’s all the more reason to invest in a new snugly warm coat.. Or two! It’s no secret that I love a good fake fur and a nice faux leather jacket – the last mentioned might be a bit too cold unless you have a nice knit jumper or something underneath. This year I’m sticking to the one my boyfriend gave me for my birthday last year, which has become one of my favourite jackets. As we’re just right in between seasons at a lot of websites has sales on, so you could save a lot.



  1. Belted Wool Look Coat from Boohoo – £ 30
  2. Reversable Sheerling Coat from Zero Maria Cornejo – £ 3920
  3. Wool Blend Coat from Stella McCartney – £ 1045
  4. Pink Wool Blend Coat from John Lewis – £ 465
  5. Long Wool Coat from Only – £ 79,95
  6. Royal Fur Coat from Nly Trend – £ 129,95
  7. Belted Shawl Collar Coat from Boohoo – £ 25
  8. Faux Hooded Fur from Van Mildert – £ 46
  9. Black Quilted Coat from Jacqueline De Yong – £ 7,99

I Have This Thing With Boots..

… And sneaks and dresses and jackets and everything for that matter 🙂 But today, it’s all about those boots. I’ve found a few, that it’s on the top of my wish list – it tingles in my fingers, that’s how much I’m struggling not to buy them.. I’m pretty sure my bank lady wouldn’t be happy. Ha-ha!

The pairs I found is for me the perfect boots for right now. They go with everything, are not too wintery and perfect with a bare leg, tights, dress or jeans.


1. Buckle Ankle Boots from Stradivarius –  £ 55,99
2. Biker Boots from Asos – £ 38
3. Heeled Zip Boots from Asos – £ 38
4. Suede Leo Boots from Asos – £ 60
5. Suede Black Boots from Asos – £ 55
6. Cut Out Boots from Pull&Bear – £ 29,99

Re-post // How To Clean Out Your Closet

A new season is right on our door step, so I thought I would remind you of my How To Clean Out Your Closet Guide.

Autumn is coming, yeah, I know very GOT of me 😉 Before I go ahead and shop styles for the new season, I always  try and get a clear view of what I actually have in my closet, what to put away, what to throw and what to give to charity.  So by going through your closet you’ll automatically have a pretty great perspective of what you’ll actually use and what’s not a autumn/winter item.  That’s why a created this guide, to give you guys a little helping hand in the right direction.

So look no further than down below: