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I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas ? 🙂

As I previously mentioned our Christmas was a little different from our normal Christmases as I didn’t get to spend Christmas Eve (That’s when we celebrate, dancing around the Christmas Tree and stuff :p) with my siblings this year.

ǀGlitter Wrap Shirt ǀBlack Jeans* ǀ

My parents are divorced so that probably already makes ours a little different compared to non-divorcees, but I like it and I normally get to celebrate two Christmases with my siblings and one with each parent. This Christmas was different as we we’re pretty much all split up, but none the less a great Christmas. I was lucky enough to spend it with my grandparents, my mum and stepdad and we had a brilliant time. I won the almond present (yep, that was directly translated from Danish Monkey-with-hand-in-front-of-eyes-emoji)!

I’m not sure you lovelies know about this tradition? But for those of you who don’t know. We eat Risalamande or Risengrød and in that, there’s one whole almond (with no skin). The one person who gets the almond has to show it to rest of the group and then win The Almond Presents – it’s normally some kind of sweet. When we were younger there was always ALWAYS cheating involved so no child would start crying haha, but this year being an only child for Christmas, there was no cheating. I won fair and square HA! Mum! 😀

It’s a bit of a strange tradition, I know. Do you have some strange traditions in your family or countries?

Now on to the next Christmas lunch! xx


I’m Looking Forward To # Christmas Edition

I don’t really get in to the Christmas spirit before after my birthday (middle of November) and without sounding like the Grinch I actually get sick and tired of Christmas if it starts to early. This year I decided to look at the Christmas decorations around – which has been up since October (WHAT?!) – as Winter decorations instead. So this year it’s a little different, I’m excited for Christmas and truly do believe it’s a wonderful time of the year –  and I wouldn’t mind the odd Christmas song once in a while 😉

Each year I hope for a white Christmas and in Denmark it can happen, so I keep on hoping but in the mean time, there’s other things to look forward too – to be exact 5 of them:



Spending time with my love ones. Our Christmas is a bit different this year as all of my siblings are scattered by the four winds and won’t be spending Christmas eve together this year. For me Christmas is about spending time with the people you love, that’s what it’s all about. Christmas is a party for the hearts a Danish saying goes and I must admit I agree.

Trying to get rid of that cold with hot chocolate or mulled wine. Trust me, that’s the best way to get rid of that cold at Christmas time + you get to drink the seasons best drinks – Hot Chocolate warms the soul and this is the very best season for it.

Receiving presents and seeing your loved ones face when they unwrap theirs. The holidays shouldn’t be about the presents, but we all secretly love getting them. How can anyone not look forward to unwrapping a gift and being surprised or seeing how happy your loved one looks whilst unwrapping theirs?

Hygge and snuggling up with someone, just because. It’s cold outside, and this is the season to warm up to someone. There is no better time to snuggle up with someone in front of the TV watching Home alone for the 11008242 time, with some hot chocolate.

Visiting Christmas markets. There’s just something magical about going to a Christmas market, the atmosphere is just spot on. My favourite in London is Winter Wonderland, where you proper get into the spirit. I’m dreaming of going to a German Christmas market, although that might have to wait until next year.

Any thing you think is missing from the list ?


Outfit #Christmas Lunch

1. Stiletto Heels £9.95 – 2. Marble Clutch£4 – 3. Marble Necklace£2 – 4. Wrap Dress£15 – This post contains affiliate links/Denne post indeholder affiliate!

It’s the season for Christmas lunches/dinners, so it’s about time we started looking for the perfect outfit. I’ve found a look that wont break the bank.  £30,95 to be exact. Bargain right? 🙂 I have been looking at this dress for long, but I always needed an occasion to wear it, cause let’s  just face it, I don’t really need anymore dresses. It is the perfect dress for a Christmas lunch and what exactly make it perfect you ask? Well you see,  it’s that we all know that a Christmas lunch involves heaps of food, and with this dress you wont have to hide your food baby or feel uncomfortable in tight skinny jeans or pencil skirt. Match it with an statement necklace, a nice small bag and heels – and you’ll have the perfect outfit.

I know not all girls are a dress girl, so another nice alternative will be up on the blog in the next couple of days 🙂

oh and there’s 30% off partywear on ASOS until sunday 8am, you can see the collection here!

Enjoy the festive season x

Julefrokost sæsonnen er for længst skudt i gang, så jeg tænkte at det var på høje tid at finde det perfekte outfit til dette formål. Jeg har fundet et outfit der ikke vil bryde dit budget eller tømme din pengepung – til kun 271,46 DKK (hvis valutaomregneren stemmer med kursen 😉 ) Det er et ret godt kup ikke? Jeg har længe gået og tænkt på at købe denne kjole, men har altid manglet en anledning til at købe den, for lad os bare indse.. Jeg mangler ikke kjoler. Denne kjole er pefekt til julefrokosten.. Hvad der er så perfekt ved den, spørger du? Jo ser du, vi ved allesammen at til julefrokoster ryger der en dælans masse mad, drikke og hvad der ellers hører til, indenbors. Denne kjole har det perfekte snit til at skjule en mad baby, smart ikke? Udover det vil du ikke behøve at føle dig alt for utilpas, for den vil ikke stramme som et par skinny jeans eller et pencil skirt. Tilføj en statement halskæde, pæn lille clutch taske og et par hæle – og du har det perfekte outfit.

Jeg er godt klar over at det ikke er alle piger, der er kjole piger. Derfor vil der komme en post med et alternativ til kjolen op i løbet af de næste par dage 🙂

og der er frem til søndag 30% på alt festtøj, du kan finde det her!

Jeg håber i må nyde den skønne juletid x


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