Weekend Time


Arh weekend is finally around the corner. My weekend will be wonderful at least I’m convinced it will be. Because tonight my boyfriend and I will go watch “Shitfaced Shakespeare” . We watched the show twice last year and we can only recommend going. You will laugh. Like a lot. Saturday I’m working, but it looks like the weather will be nice so I’m planning to have dinner in a park.. Maybe BBQ?

What are you to this weekend? Maybe you’ll have a BBQ? Going to sort out your garden or paint your walls? Celebrating something or do you have some sleep you need to catch up on?

What ever you’re up to, I wish you a wonderfull weekend!

Here’s some things you can do this weekend: 

Find out whether you’re a morning person!

If the weather pans out how I want it to, then it’s ice cream weather (Who am I kidding?! It’s always Ice Cream weather). How about trying this healthier version?

Sort out your wardrobe for spring. Re-read my post HERE.

Eat Street Food at Model Market, and do your self a favour and go to the gin bar too!

Go support women in sport at Wembley!

Combine Yoga and Brunch. What’s not like?