On Wednesday We Wear Pink #5

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I apologize for the unintentional blog break there. Life has been busy and I’ve had a lot of pink on my mind and you all know what that means. Yup you got that right –  #PinkWednesday time:)

6 december

ǀMohair Wool-blend Coat * ǀ V-neck Tee * ǀ Faux Leather Trousers *ǀ Bead-Embellished BeanieCat Eye Shades * ǀ Sueded Trainers * ǀ

I would so love to wear this outfit. I have this thing with pink coats and this pink little Mango number is definitely top of the wish list. I’ve long been looking for a loose pair of faux leather trousers and I finally found the winner. They’re cheap too. I’m not a massive sneakers girl, but these dusty rose sueded trainers from Nike is to die for. Styled with a white tee, a beanie and some cool shades and you have the perfect winter outfit.

What do you think ?


On Wednesday We Wear Pink #2

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WhatsApp Image 2017-11-07 at 23.24.55

Happy Pink Wednesday you guys, I hope you’ll have a great one!

I love pink and anything girly, I don’t think it has gone past anyone by now. So in true Mean Girl style I devoted Wednesdays to #Onwednesdaywewearpink and I will always wear at least one pink item on Wednesdays.

I thought that we should mix it a tad up this week, so this time you get my OOTD with a touch of pink and I found some pink cardboard laying on the street and thought that would be perfect for this post. How are you guys doing? I love this time a year and it is by far my favourite time a year, but this year I’m really looking forward to Christmas and for the first time ever, I’m finally in the Christmas Spirit in November. What’s going on?!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-07 at 23.24.59.jpeg



ǀFaux Fur Coat* (similar) ǀ Basic Top* ǀ Open Back Top*(similar) ǀ Jeans* (Similar) ǀ Chunky Boots* ǀ Pink Sunglasses ǀ

I’m wearing an old number from Zara, but you can find a similar coats in H&M, Mango etc.  My jeans are also a dear old friend too but again something you can definitely find and is mixed with a basic top and my favourite vintage open back top .

Top of my pink wishlist is the amazing beanie* from Acne Studios in pink wool. I mean what’s not to like?


OOTD: You Can’t Have A Bad Day In Polka Dots

 So Saturday night I was invited to Kiwi&Roos very first Supper Club event at Yurt Cafe London, a beautiful little Oase which has been part of St. Katharine’s Precinct just around the corner from Limehouse Station. I’ll show you more photos from the evening and explain a lot more about it in another blog post.


It was a wonderful evening, the venue and the food was just amazing and so was the company. I decided to go for a comfy yet classy dress, that would hide the food baby I knew I would have after a night with food and drinks a mass! I absolutely love the cut of these kind of dresses, which I honestly think suits any body type. I got mine when I went to Denmark on holiday, but I haven’t yet found it online –  I’m sure it will come though. In the meantime, I found some pretty great alternatives further down.  

1. Polka Dot Wrap Dress from Vero Moda – £ 29,99  (Not online yet)
2. Pointy Shoes from Primark- £ 8 (similar)
3. Viva Glam Lipstick from MAC – £ 16.50

As my dress is not online yet and so far only can be found in the psychical stores in Denmark I have found a few alternatives for you underneath.

  1. Pink Polka Dot Wrap Dress from Pretty Little Thing – £ 12
  2. Bodaux Floral Wrap Dress from Liquorish – £ 32
  3. Red Polka Dot Wrap Dress from Vero Moda –  £ 29,99
  4. Black Ruffle Wrap Dress from Vero Moda – £ 18
  5. Floral Wrap Dress from Vero Moda – £ 21

Outfit // Greek Christening


Affiliate! Of shoulder Skater Dress – Heels H&M (Similar)


I could easily have taken another week in gorgeous Greece, but I’m not back – tanner and more energize than I’ve been since what feels like forever.

Above is the outfit I wore at the christening, which was very different from what I know, but I guess it’s traditional Greek. I’m happy I got to attend a Greek christening and Baby Margieta was the cutest little girl.

It’s Probably Not Gone Past Anyone..

That I’m going to Skopelos in Greece in July. I’m so excited. Right now the trouble is, that I know it’s gonna be hot and I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear.. like at all.

So I went decided to have a scrool through www.boohoo.com. I thought some of the items were to good to not be shared, so here you go: (Affiliate)


Very Greek with the white and the blues. I love it. Buy it here (£18.00)ijdgoLove that this is simple yet chick and airy. Buy it here (£18.00)


Very feminine and I love the print and cut. Buy it here (£10.00)


I do love the off-the shoulder trend, and this dress is no exception. Buy it here (£15.00)


Last but certainly not least this beautiful pom pom halterneck dress. Buy it here (£10.00)

Outfit // Double Denim & Frills


What I’m wearing (AFFILIATE):
1. Denim Jacket; My Mums old from B.Denim (Similar) 2. Top; Old Dress From Zara (Similar) (Similar) 3. Jeans – H&M 360° Shaping Skinny High Jeans – 4. Belt – Old H&M (Similar) 5. Ankle Boots; Vagabond Old (Similar)

I made a deal with my self, not to buy any new clothes till I’ve lost at least 7 kg. I’m 2,5 kg down in two weeks, so still got a good way to go, but I’ll get there. So what to do when you don’t feel like wearing any of your stuff and you’re not allowing yourself buying new clothes? You have to experiment, soooo… I decided to wear my Zara Dress as a top and mixed it up with double denim, and I must say, I did quite like the result. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot, to feel good. What do you do, when you can’t buy new clothes and your running out of options? 🙂