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Home furnishing and decorating take very much of my time at the moment, which is not entirely without reason.. Because I moved.. Again!

I have struggled with finding a place to call home in London, which is not just another crappy shoebox of a room, with flatmates you don’t really know nor like.  But that search is now over!

We received the keys yesterday, but I haven’t yet gotten my furnitures, so at this moment I’m living out of boxes and suitcases. I can’t wait for my furnitures to arrive and start decorating my home. But where am I moving? Will I be living alone or have I found a home with my bf?

All that I will keep secret a little while further – oh the suspense! – But I can’t wait to show you around in my brand new crib, when everything is sorted.


Let’s Just Talk About #7


.. Why I always end up with fewer socks after I wash them in the washing maschine? Honestly the Washing Maschine Monster is a real thing!

.. That I consitently think I need more skirts. I’ve craved this Nakd Skirt – what do we think? Right now, and for limited time only, you get an extra 10% of sale with the code: OMGYESMORE

.. This skirt is super pretty and affordable too!

.. Would I love to go back to Denmark for a weekend, with loads of chilling and being surrounded by wonderful people. Would love to do snobrød on a bonfire too!

.. Why I still, after who knows how many years, nearly poke my eye out with the mascara, too often. Am I the only one? Am I missing a special technique?

..Why it’s necessary to take 200 identical selfies before I can put one up on Instagram, but holy cow, I hope I’m not alone withthis?



On My Wishlist #1

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This is going to bite my ass, because every single time I post something like this – it’s gone when I finally decide to buy it. So you guys have to promise me, too not buy it all. Deal?! 😉

ǀ Briefs* ǀ Bralet* ǀ Slip Dress* ǀ White Espadrille* ǀ Black Espadrille* ǀ

You may have noticed that there’s a slight theme this time around! Yummy yellow, flowy dresses and espadrilles – Bring on the summer please!

ǀBlue Maxi* ǀ Black Maxi* ǀ Halterneck Top* ǀ Wedge Espadrille* ǀ

My favourite is the the blue maxi or the yellow slip dress or maybe the yellow halterneck top.. But on top of the list is sunshine. And lots and lots of it!

Which item is your favourite? I would also love know what items is essential for you in the summer?



10 Things I can’t Even

Nothing says Monday more, than this post. There’s times where you can, there’s times where you just can’t but much worse is the times where you can’t even! We all been there, am I right? Today is one of those days where I literally can’t even deal with things, so I made a list as you do.


.. Talk to anyone before I get my morning coffee. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing worse than coming into work and the person you stand side by side with on the bus starts talking to you, the construction guys whistling at ya, you may or may not have stepped on a massive dodgy dog poo and when you’ve finally fought through the massive hurdle of people in your way, you get into work and your colleagues starts asking how you are and what not, instead of moving away from the coffee machine. (This is an obvious joke, I love chatting to people, but first coffee!)

.. Toes or actually the whole foot! Even my own, I’ll just wear sneaks today. I think this one is very common and I don’t understand how one can have a foot fetish.. If you do, I don’t judge but please explain 😊

.. The smell pre-cooked chicken or any pre-cooked meat for that matter (in a Tupperware box or plastic wrapping.. I just can’t even with the smell and it makes me want to vomit.

.. People who don’t know how to walk in public areas.. Fellow Londoners you know what I’m talking about, right? There’s nothing much worse than Oxford Street on any giving day, because let’s face it.. It’s always busy! You’re trying to pass a slow walker or a big group, but they won’t move out the way or even worse, someone who just stop up out of nowhere and you have to almost sacrifice your life to not walking straight into them! (I know safety distance and all but still 😊)

.. Or whilst at the escalators walking down, on the left hand side of course, and people just stop moving right at the end of the escalator. It literally creates the domino effect – one person after another bomb into each others butts.

.. Spilling coffee on your brand new crisp white shirt. Why can’t I just be a normal person for once?

.. With my laptop. It seriously needs an update, but somehow I managed to get a laptop with only 2 GB of storage so there ain’t no room and it takes ours to start up, because it quite literally can’t even start up without complaining about the missing updates.. It may need an upgrade 😅

.. This:

.. When I pull all the doors that say push and vice versa. Yeah, it happens every single time okay!

.. One a scale of one to even I litterally can’t even, with the phrase “I can’t even!”.

Is there things that you can’t even which should be added to the list or is there something you disagree with? Let me know in the comment section below.

Believe it or not, but I’m actually a very positive person and I’m a firm believer that nothing can’t not be fixed, so this post has been honestly just to laugh and is not written to offend anyone.


If You’re Only Gonna Watch One Show On Netflix This Weekend..

Bring on the snacks. If you like me start your day around breakfast and you don’t want to do make a whole fry up, because you’re spending the weekend alone. Then maybe opt for the healthy breakfast and bring on the show.

30226422_10215826577634542_4216282391330684928_nA small hand full strawberries, a banana,  a hand full blue, 3 table spoons Greek Style Yughurt, a hand full oats and 200 ml oatmilk. 

Oh enough food talk already, let’s get down to what this blog post really is about. Well I mean food is quite a great introduction to this series, and also.. I love zombie things.. Now guess?

If your guess fell on “Santa Clarita Diet” with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, then your guess was correct! I’ve always been a huge fan of Drew (yeah first name basis and everything) and she delivers as per. However Timothy Olyphant is awesome and I really really love him in this show.

The show’s about is about an ordinary family in the suburbs, but it all changes when the mother one day wake up (one does not really understand how and why) and is undead. She’d become some sort of zombie, whom naturally eats people) and together the family has to figure out, how their life looks like now, whilst making sure she’s eating. It’s fun, sort of romantic and unbelievably clumsy at the same time. Give it a go, if you haven’t done so already and let me know what you think?


Weekend Time


Arh weekend is finally around the corner. My weekend will be wonderful at least I’m convinced it will be. Because tonight my boyfriend and I will go watch “Shitfaced Shakespeare” . We watched the show twice last year and we can only recommend going. You will laugh. Like a lot. Saturday I’m working, but it looks like the weather will be nice so I’m planning to have dinner in a park.. Maybe BBQ?

What are you to this weekend? Maybe you’ll have a BBQ? Going to sort out your garden or paint your walls? Celebrating something or do you have some sleep you need to catch up on?

What ever you’re up to, I wish you a wonderfull weekend!

Here’s some things you can do this weekend: 

Find out whether you’re a morning person!

If the weather pans out how I want it to, then it’s ice cream weather (Who am I kidding?! It’s always Ice Cream weather). How about trying this healthier version?

Sort out your wardrobe for spring. Re-read my post HERE.

Eat Street Food at Model Market, and do your self a favour and go to the gin bar too!

Go support women in sport at Wembley!

Combine Yoga and Brunch. What’s not like?




Let’s Just Talk About #6

.. Being a tall girl. I’ve gotten a few comments on my height during my time as a tall girl haha. Like do you play basketball, how about Volley Ball. Excuse me can you hear me up there? Your parents must be giants! And I’m not even “that tall” with my 5’7. How ever I would like to focus on the positive, so tall girl embrace your height and wear those heals if you want! So here goes:
– You can always reach the best bag of crisp on the top shelf. Score!
– You can always see at a concert.. Unless other concert goers are filming the                  entire thing with their Iphone+! #hastostop
– You stand out in the crowd and will always be able to spot your mother at the             supermarket.

.. The term “Beauty sleep”. I don’t understand that it is called Beauty Sleep. Personally I look like a fried fish who’s suffered the dead by drowning if I take a nap or a little beauty hour on the train or the airplane. If we talk about a nights beauty sleep I wake up looking like a Troll who’s been i the tumble drier. Does any one even look nice after any kind of beauty sleep? Or is it just me, who’s the less fortunate one?

.. Why is it that you always promise yourself not taking breathing through your nose for granted ever again, when you’re having a cold. But at the very time the cold is gone, you forget and take it for granted again.

.. Stomach noises. Sure it’s only fair it makes noises to let you know you’re hungry.. (As if I didn’t know that already though?) But is it really necessary to make sounds when it’s digesting or because of gas? I mean.. First dates, quiet cinemas, in a meeting/exams.. Do I need to say more?

.. What happened to spring? I swear it was here a week or two ago and now we’re just back to autumn/wintery weather, which we had for.. What feels like a year? Holiday needed asap!

.. This overlooked health tip. Read it HERE 🙂

If you have any topics you think we should talk about, then feel free to make a comment. I love hearing your ideas!