I’ve Got The Lon…. Stripey Look! #OOTD

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Aaay captain! :p I’ve gotten so many comments about this look and every one’s been liking it (at least they’re saying), but they think it makes me look slightly sailor-ish. What do you think?


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This was just a quick Friday hello from me! I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend lovelies x




Postcard From Gdansk!

Hi from Gdansk,
In the middle of April I went to Gdansk, Poland, with my dad and his wife. So let’s just pretend this postcard was on time 😉

Instead of my parents visiting me in London every time, and don’t get to experience new things, we sometimes mix things up a little, by meeting somewhere else. Two years ago we met in Torremolinos, a nice little tourist spot in Spain near Malaga. But this year the choice fell on Poland. My dad is a massive fan of Poland so natural he wanted me to see what the fuss is all about.

It’s nice having your parents to your self once in a while and I love this tradition.


I have to be honest and admit that I, like most, had a biased attitude towards Poland in general. I have a few really close polish friends and they didn’t talk well about their home. I’m a bit ashamed of my pre-judging state of mind, because Boy! I was very, very wrong. Gdansk has charm, is different and certain areas are rather idyllic. It’s plus that most things are really, really cheap too!

My newfound opinion is, that everyone has to go experience it for them self and never pre-judge.

Take care lovelies!