Let’s Just Talk About #5

.. How you can buy yogurt instead of milk.. Like how can that even happen? I mean yogurt is way heavier than milk. You had one job Sara, one job!

.. Never calling your parents mum and dad. I think it’s a little strange actually. Mainly because curious people like me will be rather confused when you overhear a conversation at the Tesco check-out and what you’re pretty sure is a daughter, says “Frank” to the person you were sure was their father.

.. Public toilets in foreign countries. Actually scratch that, public toilets in general. Am I the only one having a phobia for public toilets? Is it even a thing? Well basically I’m worried a big fat snake or a massive rat or a tarantula will pop out of the toilet. I always close the “lid” (is it called a toilet lid? What’s the name?) after a visit and during a visit I can’t think of anything else than I might pee a rat in the head or a snake might bite my butt. #TMI! Tell me I’m not the only one though?

.. How many times a notification pops up on your Iphone with a new update, and the amount of times you postpone it? Get a hint Apple.

.. How good this song is! It’s on repeat at our house and I got it stuck in my head too.

.. An app that reminds you that you’ll regret not bringing your jacket, scarf, gloves etc. It’s 2018 it should exist and also I allow you to steal my app idea if you want! #winwin

.. How you always stress about going to the airport, even if  you’re 4 hours early.


Let’s Just Talk About.. #4


.. Croissants. Mmmh… perfectly shaped, buttery and crispy. Where’s the best croissant spot in London? Hook a girl up! Please! 🙂

.. The new Fifty Shades Freed. Anyone watched it? What’s your take on it? Worth watching?

.. The Lookerhq app. It’s the best way to see mine or any influencers outfit. Follow me by downloading the app in App store or Google Play and search for Sara Skyttegaard.

.. Why deets is short for details.. When there’s only one e in the actual word? #Confusingmuch!

.. How frustrating it can be to have long hair. Here’s a few examples:
– When others lie on your hair. Or you yourself do.
– When you close the car door and your hair is stuck but you don’t notice until you                 turn your and lose all your hair. Okay maybe not all, but you get the point 🙂
– The combination of chewing gum and gusts of wind. #Selfexplanatory
– When you get hair in your mouth whilst kissing.

.. Loud music at restaurants – who wants to talk anyways? No I mean, who wants to go out for dinner/lunch/what ever if you can’t even lead a conversation.

.. Speaking of music. Why am I not blessed with a beautiful singing voice, when I love singing out loud? #sorryneighbors

.. Why I’m using loads of # in this post? #stoptheuseofhashtags #stopyourself #bye!



Let’s Just Talk About.. #3

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.. “The Good Place” on Netflix! I laugh-cried at least half a dozen times. If you haven’t yet watched it.. You must!

.. How it’s possible not to slip even once on the way up to Arthur’s Seat.. But falling 10 times on the way down, spraining your ankle, is totally normal? Need new trainers, that’s not completely worn down.

.. Speaking of trainers.. How gorgeous is these*? Come to Mama.. Or these*!

.. How you fear for your life when you’re wearing a jumpsuit. Let’s face it.. None of us ever go to the toilet when we get the first feeling of having to go wee. We always wait to the last minute and then struggle to get the jumpsuit of and nearly wee our self. I also want to point out the fact that you have to pull your whole outfit down below your ankles and you’re practically naked with the risk of someone entering your cubicle!

.. How nail polish on your fingers falls of if the wind blows, but the polish on your toes will survive the next 100 years.

.. How I spill my coffee every single time! Maybe I should stop drinking it.

.. Where all out bobby pins and hairbands actually disappear to?  Like seriously?! There must be some little gobbling stealing them at night, because I can never find any.

.. Bacon. Just because BACON! It’s always good to talk about bacon.

.. How much I need a massage right now. Any one who know’s of any good spa- and massage deals, are very much welcome to comment 🙂


Let’s Just Talk About.. #2


.. How much I love this Instagram Profile! Her feed is dreamy.

.. Smiling. I’m trying to smile to anyone I meet when I’m out walking. Because it makes me happy, when I’m greeted with a smile from a stranger. It warms! The people I smile at rarely smiles back! I get it, we live in a massive city and everyone has their stresses , but they either look away, whilst this lunatic(ME) smiles like a massive twat!(Also me)  Maybe it’s just us small village people who smiles to each other and says hi? What do you think? 🙂

.. How damn good bread and cheese is? Seriously.. If I could choose just one thing to eat for the rest of my life, I think I would pick bread and cheese.. Who’s with me?!

.. Why it always takes 5 days of trying to get more toothpaste out, when the tube is empty. Guess who need to buy toothpaste?

.. How sassy this top* is?! Perfect for Valentines or any other day.

.. Speaking of Valentines.. I wouldn’t mind this mug set for Valentines. Obviously I’m the real boss, my boyfriend needs to know that too 😉

.. Fastelavn and embarrassing costumes! I mean.. Look at this ⇓


I think I’m around 13 years old, dressed up as a choppy trucker with one hand, which is sticking out from my pocket. Creative much?!

.. How soon they’ll make a workout machine, which you’ll be able to use in your sleep – so you won’t even notice that you’re excising!

.. Hotdogs.. Just because you should always talk about hotdogs!

.. And also! Seriously! Which was first.. The chicken or the egg? I need answers.

Let’s Just Talk About.. #1

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.. That I had to write this blog post twice because I freaking accidentally hit the X! Before WP saved my draft.. Jeeeez! You probably all know the feeling of, the new post, assignment or whatever, never really is the same and as good as the first one.. Right?

.. The new Netflix series “The End of the F******* World”, is among one of the craziest, most fun and weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Have you seen it?

.. How many items you’re allowed to buy yourself? I think I went a bit overboard this month. Thank God it’s February.

.. Speaking of buying stuff for yourself. I just bought this swimsuit and I’m not even going anywhere warm or any place where I can use it, in the near future. That’s okay, right?

.. The weather?! I mean.. It’s all nice and sunny when you arrive at work, so much that you’ll get your hopes up! As soon as the clock ticks “end of workday” it starts pouring down. Not cool!

.. How this blouse close to perfect this top* is, and how much I’m looking forward to spring by just looking at it!

.. Not to mention this leopard print skirt*! Dreamy!

.. It’s almost spring! In 22 days to be precise.

.. That I really, like REALLY, could use 2-3 weeks on Bali or Thailand. I crave heat, sandy beaches and coconuts en masse. Any tips how to get rid of that craving? Because that ain’t happening right now (thumbs down emoji)

.. How empty you feel inside, when you open your newly purchased avocado.. And it’s brown inside.. #struggling


Get To Know Me


I thought it was about time, you got to know a few more, slightly quirky and useless facts about me. I hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to comment some random facts about yourself – I would love to get to know you to 🙂


I hate Nutella. I know it’s weird, because I normally have a very sweat tooth, but I just can’t get Nutella in my mouth. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

I can’t do a cartwheel. I don’t know whether it’s my arms being to weak or my bum holding me down – gravity you know 😉 However I have hyper-mobile joints, which means I can take me leg up behind my neck.

I want to travel the world.

When I was a child every one thought I was a boy, as I always climbed threes, came home muddy and always hang out with the boys instead of playing with my barbie dolls.

I love snow but I hate the cold.

I woke up in a row boat once after a night out – The boat was safely on dry land – and next to me was a pile of vomit and a half eaten hot dog. Charming huh! But on the bright side I’ve only had a hangover once in my life, that wasn’t the day.

I would love to live on a riverboat for a summer.

I’m a sucker for horror movies and my friends and boyfriend think I’m insane for watching them alone, but I mean.. They don’t wanna watch them with me.

I believe in true love. And I like romance – but not in movies.

I have an extra bone in my left foot. Apparently 10% of people in Denmark is born with it and it mainly affects girls.

I’m nearly 5’9 but I’m the shortest of my siblings and parents. Viking genes I guess.

I’m ambidextrous.

I like looking at the ocean and staying at the beach, but you’ll never see me go into the water. I’m scared of probably all the things in it, it’s not because of the water but because of fish and other creatures in it.

If you ask me something, I’ll tell the truth even though the answer wont always be popular.

I love the smell of rain on a warm summer day and I always get the urge to go out and dance bare footed in the rain on those days.

I’m still a kid at heart.

My favourite number is 9.

I talk too fast when I get super excited or nervous. I turn red really easily too.

I’m mostly optimistic.

I have a scar on my chin. Which I got first when I was 3 years old falling chin down on a crate, I went to hospital to get i glued. But luck has it I hurt the exact same spot when I was 5 or 6, whilst playing Horse (you know this weird game were one person is horse and one person is the owner..) Well this boy pulled me hair because I didn’t want to crawl down to steps of stairs and I fell.. again chin down, and got stitches this time.

My dad wanted to name me Caroline.


13 Random facts about me


  1. Most of my friends call me Fiddy.. It started out as Fitness but my good friend is a massive 50Cent fan, so Fiddy became the natural nickname.
  2. My favourite animal is penguins..  or dogs, I love dogs too.. oh and monkeys. I’m scared of cats though.
  3. Even though I’m Danish, I don’t really like Danish food. Don’t get me wrong, I love Frikadeller and remoulade as much as the next Dane, I’m just not that into the traditional Danish food. My boyfriend would probably say bu****** because I’m such a proud Dane.. However I’m the biggest foodie and it’s no good for my diet.
  4. Staying in the food section.. I think the GIF says it all. I love cheese! All cheese. Sorry I’ll stop being cheesy now.
  5. Someone might say I have the worst sense of humor and I’m never ironic and sarcastic. Who am I kidding, I am. Always.
  6. My favourite colour is blue, but I like purple and pink too.
  7. The last song I listened to was this one:
    It’s a beautiful song! Also have to say I’m a massive Justin Bieber fan.. Can’t believe I just made that statement public. I’m a sucker for Lukas Graham too!
  8. I’m scared of fireworks.. So I’m not looking forward to fireworks day. But I’ll gladly look from inside my house.
  9. Watching TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea is my guilty pleasure.
  10. I’m obsessed with nail polish. You’ll never see me without.. I sort of feel naked when not wearing it. Is that weird ? My favourite nailpolish i Bahama Mama from Essie.
  11. I’ve never watched Breaking Bad.
  12. I’m ridiculously clumsy.. I could and have literally fallen because of the smallest crack in the floorboard.
  13. I took me 2 days to figure out how to put the GIF on this post. That’s how much of a technically genius I am.
I hope you enjoyed! If you got anything you wanna know, feel free to leave a comment – I would also like to get to know you . Weekend’s coming up. Have you got any plans ?

Danish version:

  1. De fleste af mine venner og min kæreste kalder mig Fiddy. Det startede oprindeligt som Fitness, da jeg på et tidspunkt var lidt af en fitness freak, men det udviklede sig til Fiddy, da min veninde er kæmpe 50Cent fan og så blev Fiddy lidt ligesom det de fleste kalder mig nu.
  2. Mit ynglings dyre er pengvinen eller hunden eller en abe. Jeg er tilgengæld rædselsslagen for katte.
  3. Selvom jeg er dansker er jeg ikke så glad for al den danske mad. Forstå mig ret.. Jeg elsker frikadeller og remoulade og jeg kan kun lide de danske hotdogs, men det typisk traditionelle mad er ikke mig. Min kæreste vil helt sikker sige det er løgn, for jeg bliver ved med at sige vi danskere kan det og det. Jeg er ret sikker på han mener jeg er en ret stolt dansker. Nothing wrong with that! Jeg er den største foodie. Det er ikke så godt for min kur :p
  4. Hvis vi bliver ved mad temaet, så er altså ret vild med ost. Jeg tror lidt GIFfen siger det hele. Alt slags ost, men især Baby Bells, har i dem i Danmark ?
  5. Nogen vil nok mene at jeg har dårlig humor. Jeg bruger aldrig (læs alt for ofte) sarkasme eller ironi.
  6. Min ynglingsfarve er blå, men tæt forfulgt af pink og lilla.
  7. Den sidste sang jeg hørte er James Arthur “Say you wont let go”. I kan afspille den i Youtube linket oppe i den engelske version. Sangen er simpelthen så smuk. Jeg er også ret stor fan af Justin Bieber (Ja, jeg er heller ikke selv helt sikker på hvorfor jeg postede det online :p ) og så er jeg også den største Lukas Graham fan ever. Jeg så ham i Maj måned med min kæreste og vi skal afsted igen til marts – og vi glæder os helt vildt!
  8. Jeg er halv bange for fyrværkeri. Derfor ser jeg heller ikke frem til Guy Fawkes i weekenden. Det er en engelsk tradition, hvor man fyre fyrværkeri af og har bål. Det er egentligt meget hyggeligt, hvis altså man ikke er bange for fyrværkeri. Jeg kan dog se det fra mit værelse, så jeg tror jeg kigger fra min varme og komfortable seng :p
  9. Geordie Shore, TOWIE og Made in Chelsea er min reality guilty pleasure. Jeg synes det er meget sjovt at se.
  10. Jeg går altid med neglelak. Hvis ikke, så føler jeg mig nøgen, derfor ser du mig heller ikke uden. Er det mærkeligt? Min ynglings neglelak er Essies Bahama Mama.
  11. Jeg har aldrig set tv serien Breaking Bad.
  12. Jeg er simpelthen så klodset. Jeg kan og har vitterligt faldet pga. en meget lille revne i et trægulv.
  13. Det skal ikke være nogen hemmelighed at jeg ikke det største it geni. Det tog mig 2 dage at finde ud af at få sat den GIF på denne post.

Jeg håber i kunne lide denne type indlæg. Jeg kunne også godt tænke mig, at lære jer at kende så smid gerne en kommentar og selvfølgelig også hvis i har noget andet i godt kunne tænke jer at vide om mig. Nu er det snart weekend. Har i nogle spændene planner ?

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